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Japanese Maples

Acer palmatum 'Kurui jishi'
Upright, deciduous, dwarf tree. In spring leaves emerge deep green with tightly-rolled edges and slightly-hooked tips. Fall color is bright yellow. Each lobe of the small palmate leaf is curled under to meet the edges creating a very sharp and pointed effect. Grows 3' tall x 2' wide in 10 years. Prefers well drained soil.
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Acer palmatum 'Margaret Bee' ~NET~
Upright, deciduous tree with a low canopy. Fast growing; 10 ft tall x 5 ft wide in 10 years. Prefers well-drained soil. Burgundy red in spring which holds all summer. Fall color is bright red.
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Acer palmatum 'Matsukaze'
Cascading form. Fast growing when young. Best in partial shade. Spring color is a spectaculaar bronze-red to purple red, with bright green veins. Summer color is a rich green which then turns to a rich carmine and crimson in the fall.
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Acer palmatum 'Matthew' ~NET~
Dwarf and dense bushy form. Grows to about 3 ft tall and 3 ft wide. Prefers well-drained soils. Small yellow-green leaves turn to bright yellow, orange and red in fall.
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Acer palmatum 'Mikawa yatsubusa'
Upright, dwarf form. Prefers well-drained soils. In spring, each pale green leaf is layered one on top of another as they emerge. Very slow growing. Glorious red fall color.
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Acer palmatum 'Mizu kuguri' ~NET~
Foliage emerges green in spring with an orange hue which later turns to olive green with pinkish hue. Fall color is golden yellow to brown yellow with some orange hue. Usually it grows wider then higher, regularly branched.
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Acer palmatum 'Moonfire'
Fast growing when young. Strong, upright, rounded canopied, deciduous tree. Excellent, purple red to almost black-red color lasts very well throughout the summer. Later tha leaves turn crimson for a beautiful fall display.
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Acer palmatum 'Murasaki Kiyohime'
Dwarf and spreading form. Grows 4 ft tall, 4 ft wide in 10 years. Prefers well-drained soils. Tiny yellow-green leaves edged with purple-red. Fall color is gold to orange.
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Acer palmatum 'Mure Hibari'
Medium growing, vigorous upright, deciduous tree. Basic leaf color is light green. Margins of new leaves are tinted with brick red. Blend of yellow to red fall colors.
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Acer palmatum 'Nishiki gawa'
With its coarse, knobby bark and longitudinal creasing, ‘Nishiki gawa’ presents nice variation to the smoother bark of other cultivars. Small bright green leaves often have red margins, and turn yellow in fall. 10-12 ft in 15 years.
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Acer palmatum 'Nishiki momiji' ~NET~
Upright deciduous tree. Moderate grower. 8 ft tall x 4 ft wide in 10 years. Prefers well-drained soil. Orange-pink to light red leaves in early spring. Summer color is bright green, and then changes to exciting red in fall.
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Acer palmatum 'Nuresagi'
Upright form. Moderate grower. Deep, rich, black-purple-red tones hold thrir color into late summer but occasionally become suffused with with a slight deep green mottling.
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Acer palmatum 'O jishi' ~NET~
Dwarf, deciduous tree. Green crinkled leaves from spring through summer. Fall color is strong yellow to orange. Perfect for bonsai.
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Acer palmatum 'Okagami'
Densely branched with a vase shaped habit. Slow growing. Best in filtered sun. Burgundy-red new leaves change to glossy blackish red well into late summer. Fall brings several shades of red and scarlet.
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Acer palmatum 'Okukuji nishiki' ~NET~
Upright form with a bushy canopy. Small green leaves are variegated with pinkish-orange. Fall color is red. Prefers well-drained soils.
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Acer palmatum 'Okushimo'
Upright, vase-shaped habit. New foliage is light green and changes to a darker green in the summer. Fall color is bright yellow. Deer Resistant.
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Acer palmatum 'Omato'
Leaves may be tinged with orange red, but take on a rich green color. Color is durable and not very subject to sunburn. Fall colors are rich reds. Good limb structure. Strong growing with a round headed form.
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Acer palmatum 'Omurayama'
Round, slightly weeping habit. New foliage is light green with orange tinted edging in spring. Leaves matures to green in summer and turns bright red, orange in fall.
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Acer palmatum 'Orange Dream'
An upright deciduous tree that is slow growing to 10-12' feet tall and 8-10' feet wide. Prefers full sun to part shade in well drained moist soil. New foliage emerges bright orange and stays that color for several weeks before changing to green. Fall color is orange and gold tones. (USDA ZONE 6-9)
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Acer palmatum 'Oregon Sunset'
Compact, spreading, deciduous tree. Soft red new leaves, become plum red followed by vivid sunset red fall colors.
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Acer palmatum 'Orido-nishiki'
Vigorous growing, upright, deciduous tree. Leaves variegated with bright pink, cream, and shiny green.
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Acer palmatum 'Osakazuki'
Upright, deciduous tree. Has the largest leaves of all the palmates. Green foliage spring through summer changes to an intense bright red in the fall.
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Acer palmatum 'Oshio beni'
Upright deciduous tree. Purple Inconspicuous flowers and red new foliage in the spring. New foliage soon change to a maroon-red by summer and by mid summer become bronzed. Bright red fall color. foliage is deeply-lobed and finely-serrated.
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Acer palmatum 'Oto hime' ~NET~
Upright, dwarf form. 3 ft tall x 4 ft wide in 10 years. The spring leaves are bright, lively yellw-green with narrow reddish edging and tips. Fall colors are a pleasant yellw to orange.
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Acer palmatum 'Peaches and Cream'
Upright form. Light pink & cream foliage in the spring changing to a light green with cream veins in the summer. Fall brings pastel tones of orange and gold.
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Acer palmatum 'Peridot Flame'
A dwarf Japanese maple with yellow foliage that may show some orange as well. Slow growth rate.
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Acer palmatum 'Pixie'
Unusual smaller Japanese maple. New foliage emerges a bright red in spring. In summer color burns a deeper red and holds its color well. Showy scarlet red in fall. Bark on new wood almost black. Excellent as a bonsai, in containers or as a specimen in the smaller garden.
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Acer palmatum 'Pung Kil'
An upright, bushy tree with purple/red leaves with long slender lobes. Color holds well through summer. Turns brilliant red in fall.
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Acer palmatum 'Purple Ghost'
Upright form. Spring leaves are deep purple-red with prominent black veins, then turn fiery-red to orange in fall.
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Acer palmatum 'Red Crusader' ~NET~
Dwarf, upright, deciduous tree. Grows 4' tall x 2' wide in 10 years. Small narrow-lobed red leaves. Fall color is strong shades of orange to red.
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Acer palmatum 'Red Emperor'
Handles heat very well. Burgundy foliage spring through summer changing to a bright red in the fall. It is developing a reputation for good overall performance in difficult situations.
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Acer palmatum 'Red Pygmy'
Upright, deciduous tree. Bright finger-like seven lobed leaves. Red new growth changing to green on older growth. Yellow fall color.
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Acer palmatum 'Red Spider' ~NET~
Upright, deciduous tree with narrow, deeply lobed red leaves. Leaves have a lacy effect, which inpire the name. Brilliant red to orange fall color.
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Acer palmatum 'Sagara Nishiki'
The green foliage of this tree has yellow splashes randomly scattered on the leaf margins with pink highlights as the leaves first emerge — a striking, colorful display. The plant needs semi-shade to protect this wonderful coloration.
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Acer palmatum 'Sango Kaku'
Small upright, vase-shaped tree. Showy coral colored bark on young branches. Color intensifies in winter. Light green leaves contrast nicely against bark. It's unique coloration offers year round interest. Yellow to bronze fall color.
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Acer palmatum 'Sazanami'
Interesting orange-red spring color with very light green veins. Becomes a rich green before turning into a strong gold color. Slow growing. Best in filtered sun.
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Acer palmatum 'Scolo. Atropurpureum'
Strong growing, upright, deciduous tree. Will tolerate full sun. Five long finger-like bright green leaves has a soft tone until fall, when strong yellow colors appear.
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Acer palmatum 'Scolopendrifolium'
Upright, deciduous tree. Five long finger-like bright green leaves have a soft tone until fall, when strong yellow and orange colors appear. Dark red bark. Also known as 'Shinobuga oka'
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Acer palmatum 'Seiryu'
Finely dissected lacy foliage emerges light green with reddish tips. Only upright cultivar with dissected leaves. Showy gold, orange, and red fall color. Makes for a nice specimen in the garden.
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Acer palmatum 'Seiun kaku' ~NET~
Upright, flat toped growing tree. Shiny, dark green foliage with bright red petioles stacked tightly along arching branches. Fall color is bright red. Moderate grower.
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Acer palmatum 'Sekka yatsubusa' ~NET~
Small and upright habit. The buds form in bunches on a flattened or faceted branch, between these bunches there will be a length of branch with no buds at all. Green foliage in summer and red in fall.
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Acer palmatum 'Shaina'
Dwarf, compact, deciduous tree. Best in partial sun. Two-toned leaves start as bright red changing to dark maroon red in the summer and back to a bright red in the fall.
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Acer palmatum 'Sharps Pygmy'
Dwarf, compact, deciduous tree. Very heat tolerant. Light green foliage spring-summer, slowly changing to shades of red and orange in the fall. Is great for bonsai or container gardening.
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Acer palmatum 'Sherwood Flame'
Vigorous, round topped tree. Best in part shade. Deeply cut, seven lobed leaves are a rich reddish-purple to burgandy that retains its color until the end of summer.
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Acer palmatum 'Shidava Gold' ~NET~
Dwarf, upright, compact form. Grows 6 ft tall and 3 ft wide in 10 years. A dwarf upright deciduous tree with yellow-green leaves. Fall color is straw yellow. Winter interest features light green bark.
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