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Japanese Maples

Acer pd. 'Mioun' ~NET~
Laciniated, dark brown throughout the season and shiny yellowish orange in autumn.
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Acer pd. 'Orangeola'
Outstanding, cascading, deciduous small tree. Bright, orange-red new leaves turning red-green through the summer. Turns dark red before turning fiery orange-red in fall.
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Acer pd. 'Ornatum'
Deciduous weeping tree. Spring leaves are more bronze-red turning greenish in late summer. Prominent crimson-red in the fall.
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Acer pd. 'Pendulum Julian'
A compact, pendulous shrub cascading outward, then downward. Ferny foliage of deep purple-red holds well into summer changing to rusty green with a reddish undertone becoming crimson-orange in fall. Slow growing.
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Acer pd. 'Raraflora' ~NET~
Weeping habit. Light orange spring color. Summer color is a deep red to maroon color. Orange Fall color.
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Acer pd. 'Red Dragon'
Deciduous, weeping tree. Holds nice red color. Resistant to Leaf Scorch.
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Acer pd. 'Red Filigree Lace' ~NET~
Wide spreading mounding habit. Deep red that holds its color through the entire summer even in shade. Extremely slow growing
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Acer pd. 'Red Select'
Cascading, somewhat upright, deciduous small tree. Deep maroon leaves hold their color well into summer. Fall leaves turn yellow to yellow-orange.
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Acer pd. 'Sekimori'
Deciduous, weeping tree. Feathery leaves are green in summer and turn a brillant yellow gold in the fall.
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Acer pd. 'Spring Delight'
Deciduous, weeping tree. Spring leaves are light green and edged in red which last into early summer. Gold crimson fall color.
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Acer pd. 'Tamukeyama'
Weeping, deciduous tree. Holds deep red color in summer; fall colors are bright scarlets. A lace leaf which performs well in hotter climates.
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Acer pd. 'Toyama Nishiki'
Weeping, deciduous tree. Variegated leaves. New foliage is the spring has pink and cream undertones. The leaves are more strongly colored when grown in the shade; and because this tree sunburns easily, a shady site is preferred.
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Acer pd. 'Viridis'
Weeping, deciduous tree. Green foliage turns gold in fall.
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Acer pd. 'Waterfall'
Deciduous, weeping tree. Larger leaves than most dissectum. Stake when young to attain height.
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Acer pd. 'Watnong' ~NET~
Spreading, dwarf form. Slow grower; 3' tall x 4' wide in 10 years. Slightly red before turning a spectacular pink and then fading to green. Fall color is orange to red. Prefers well-drained soils.
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Acer pd. 'Wetumpka Red'
Dark red foliage. All summer makes this rounded tree a stand-out; selected by Harold Johnston of Alabama so we know it thrives on humid heat, as well.
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Acer pd. 'Whitney Red'
Leaves emerge a deep purple red with purple venation that remains well into late summer when upper surfaces are suffused with green. Fall color is a vivid scarlet. Vigorous grower.
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Acer shirasawanum 'Lovett' ~NET~
Upright deciduous tree. Moderate grower; 8 ft tall x 4 ft wide in 10 years. Prefers well-drained soil. Green round leaves in summer. Fall color is vivid yellow, orange, and red.
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Acer x pseudosieboldianum 'Arctic Jade'®
This hybrid maple has the cold hardiness of a Korean maple and the beauty of a Japanese maple. Large green deeply lobed leaves in summer, mature to a showy orange and red fall color. Excellent selection for colder climates.
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