Located in Oregon's Willamette Valley, we are wholesale growers committed to providing a large, year-round selection of over 3,000 varieties of high-quality plant material; readily available to professionals in the landscape and nursery trade. We ship anywhere in the US and Canada.

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Viola tasmaniana
Trailing perennial. Purple and white fragrant flowers. Dark green ivy-like leaves. Best in pots or baskets
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Zantedeschia ' White Spotted Calla'
Perennial with interesting spotted foliage and white flowers.
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Zantedeschia aethiopica
Perennial with showy white flowers that bloom June through July.
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Zantedeschia 'Albo Maculata'
Perennial with showy, pale yellow flowers that bloom from June to July.
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Zantedeschia 'Crystal Blush'
Perennial with showy, white/pinkish flowers that bloom June to July.
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Zantedeschia Ellottiana
HABIT: Annual
SIZE: 2' ft tall 
HARDINESS: Hardy to 30*F (zone 9) 
EXPOSURE: Full/Part Sun 
DESCRIPTION: with bright green, white potted leaves to 10 in. long, 6 in. wide. Spathes to 6 in. long, greenish yellow aging to rich golden yellow. Summer bloom.
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Zantedeschia 'Flame Calla Lilly'
Perennial with vibrant yellow/mango flowers. Green foliage has interesting white spots.
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Zantedeschia Hybrids
Plants are usually about the size of rehmanii and blool in late spring and summer. Leaves are typically unspotted, though some selection have spots on foliage. Spathe colors include cream, buff, orange, pink shades, lavender, purple.
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Zantedeschia 'Lavender Gem'
Perennial with showy lavender flowers that bloom in the summer.
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Zantedeschia Pentlandii
Resembles albomaculata, but leaveas are unspotted and spathes are deep golden yellow with purple throat. Summer bloom.
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Zantedeschia 'Sunshine Yellow Calla'
Perennial. Vibrant yellow flowers bloom through the summer. Good cut flower.
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