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Baptisia 'australis'
HABIT: Perennial; Upright
SIZE: 3'-4' ft tall & wide 
HARDINESS: Hardy to -30*F (zone 3) 
EXPOSURE: Full Sun to Part Shade 
DESCRIPTION: Indigo blue flowers May-June. Attracts butterflies.
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Bellevalia paradoxa
Bulbous perennial with bright green leaves approximately 6-14 inches long. Blooms early spring with erect racemes of up to 40 scented, bell-shaped flowers growing 3-4 to 1 1/4 inches long.
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Bergenia c. 'Abendglut' (magenta)
Clumping; evergreen Perennial. Red-tinted, glossy green leafs. Semi-double deep magenta flowers on tall red stems in spring.
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Bergenia c. 'Baby Doll' (pink)
Clump forming, evergreen perennial. Oval, bronze tinted mid-green foliage. Flowers are soft pink that darkens with age.
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Bergenia c. 'Eroica'
Dark purple flowers over green wavy leaves that darken then turn brownish red after the first frost. Most soils in light to deep shade. Height: 30cm
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Bergenia c. 'Rotblum' (aka 'Red Bloom')
Drooping heads of red bell-shaped flowers in spring. 18-24" clump of glossy, paddle-shaped green foliage turning red in the winter. Spring bloom.
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Bergenia c. 'Silver Light' (white)
HABIT: Clump forming, evergreen perennial
SIZE: 12 inch high; 18 -24 inch spread 
HARDINESS: -40 degrees F. 
EXPOSURE: Full sun or partial shade 
LEAF: Lightly scalloped, broadly ovate, mid-green 
FLOWER: White flowers aging to pink
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Bergenia c. 'Tubby Andrews' (white)
The dark green leaves are irregularly splashed with gold variegation. Bright pink flowers appear in early spring and are reliably reprieved in fall.
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Bergenia c. 'Winterglow' (red)
Thick glossy evergreen foliage. Attractive red fall color. Clusters of dark pink flowers sit above foliage. Excellent along a shady border.
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Bergenia cordifolia (pink)
Clump forming, evergreen perennial. Rounded to heart-shaped, mid green. Pale rose red to dark pink in late winter-early spring.
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Bergenia cr. 'Pink Dragonfly'
Clump forming, evergreen perennial. Green, rounded leaves change to purple in the winter. Pink flowers in spring.
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Bergenia Dragonfly™ 'Angel Kiss'
Upright, clumping perennial. Winter foliage is very dark with red and purple highlights. In early spring, it is the perfect contrasting foil for the charming flowers that emerge snow white and take on a light pink glow.
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Bergenia x 'Apple Blossom'
Clump forming evergreen perennial. Green, thick, and rounded foliage. Very light pink flowers.
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Bergenia x 'Bressingham Ruby' (red)  PP7344
Round, evergreen perennial. Glossy green foliage turns a maroon-brown in winter. New growth in spring emerges green with short spikes of rosy pink flowers. Great evergreen color for winter garden.
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Bergenia x 'Perfect' (lilac-red)
Large clump of thick, succulent leaves resembling cabbage. New leaves are bright green ,maturing to emerald and then purple tint develops in winter. Evergreen mound of 12-15". Lilac-red flower spike in late spring. Sun or shade.
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Brachyscome x 'Jumbo Mauve'
Deep lavender flower, spreading habit, heat and humidity-tolerant.
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HABIT: Open, very render, evergreesn shrub or tree
SIZE: 6 to 12 feet; 5 to 8 feet wide: 
HARDINESS: 45 degrees F
EXPOSURE: Full sun 
FLOWER: Solitary, trumpet-shaped, scented yellow to white 
CAUTION: All parts highly toxic
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Brunnera m. 'Hadspen Cream'
Mounded perennial. Large, heart-shaped foliage that grows in clumps. It has a somewhat fuzzy texture and irregular varigation. Light Blue forget-me-not flowers emerge in spring. Deer Resistant.
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Brunnera m. 'Jack Frost' PP#13859
Perennial; clumping habit. Heart shaped green leaves with a silvery overlay. Tiny, light blue forget-me-not flowers appear in spring. Deer resistant.
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Brunnera m. 'Looking Glass' PP17829
Mounding perennial. Heart shaped, green leaves with a slivery overlay. Tiny, light blue flowers appear in the spring. Flowers look like forget-me-not. Deer resistant.
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Brunnera m. 'Sea Heart'
Heart shaped, green leaves with a slivery overlay, a thick as an emery board. Holds up well in heat and humidity of Summer. Tiny, light blueand pink flowers appear in the spring. Flowers look like forget-me-not, but two-toned pink and blue. Best in part sun to full shade. Goes well into fall until a good hard frost. Deer resistant.
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Brunnera m. 'Variegata'
Mounding perennial. White and light green variegated foliage. Tiny, bright blue flowers in spring. Helps brightens shady areas. Deer resistant.
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Brunnera macrophyla 'Dawson White'
Mounded perennial. Heart shaped, varigated foliage is green and boldly edged in creamy white. Small, bright blue flowers appear in spring. Flowers are simular to forget-me-not. Deer resistant.
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Brunnera macrophylla
Mounding perennial. Heart shaped leaves on emerald green mounding plant. Blooms early to late spring.
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Campanula ca. 'Blue Clips'
Flat bell-shaped blue flowers cover this floriferous groundcover growing 6-9" tall. Summer blooming in full sun to light shade. Excellent edging plant for a perennial border.
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Campanula co. 'Bavarian Blue'
Perennial. Sky blue tiny trumpets of flowers bloom profusely over the spreading mat of tiny, round leaved foliage. Summer blooming.
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Campanula co. 'Bavarian White'
Tiny white trumpets of flowers bloom profusely over the spreading mat of tiny round-leaved foliage. The smallest of campanulas, this one will reach only 3-6" tall. For morning sun or dappled sun or bright shade exposures. Summer blooming.
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Campanula cochleariifolia
HABIT: Creeping, tufted, rosette forming perennial
SIZE: 3 inch high; 12 inch sspread 
HARDINESS: -20 degrees F. 
EXPOSURE: Sun to partial shade 
LEAF: Heart shaped bright green 
FLOWER: Solitary, bell shaped white to lavender or slate blue in summer
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Campanula g. 'Dickson's Gold'
Clump forming perennial. Golden foliage with bright blue bell flowers in summer.
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Campanula g. 'Purple Pixie'
Mound of coarse green leaves bearing large clusters of deep purple-blue flowers in mid-summer. Needs partial shade with good moisture in full sun. Grows 16-18".
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Campanula g. 'Superba'
Mound of coarse green leaves bearing large clusters of rich violet bell-shaped flowers. Forms a 20-24" mound. Sun to partial shade. Needs moist soil.
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Campanula pe. 'Chettle Charm'
Tall,elegant stems of large bell-shaped flowers of white edged in soft violet arise from willow-leaved foliage. Plant height 30-36". Sun to part shade. Remove spent flower stems to promote rebloom.
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Campanula pe. 'Hidcote Amethyst'
Large amethyst-pink flowers densely arranged on upright flower spikes. Plant height 30". Full sun to part shade. Summer bloom.
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Campanula pe. 'Kellys Gold'
HABIT: Rosette forming perennial
HARDINESS: -40 degrees F. 
EXPOSURE: Sun or part shade 
FLOWERS: Lone, slightly pendant, cup-shaped yellow from June to August 
SIZE: 3 feet high; 12 to 18 inches wide
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Campanula pe. 'Moerheimii'
Tall spikes of fully double white flowers make excellent flowers for cutting. Plant height 30". Sun to part shade. Blooms early to mid summer.
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Campanula po. 'Blue waterfall'
Perennial. Low mound of light green foliage is covered with a gush of cool blue, bell-shaped flowers that cascade from the center of the plant.
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Campanula 'Samantha'
Flat, bell-shaped blue flowers cover this floriferous groundcover growing 6-9" tall. Summer blooming in full sun or light shade. Excellent edging plant for a perennial border. Zone 3.
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Campanula x 'Birch Hybrid'
Cheery little plant, profusely blooming with nodding cup shaped flowers of purple-blue. Plant height 4-6" Slowly spreading but not invasive. Best in full sun. Long summer bloom time.
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Campanula x 'Kent Belle'
Large,waxy,dark violet-blue flowers hang like lanterns on 3 to 4 foot stems above glossy, heart-shaped green leaves. Ideal for back of a border. Sun to part shade. Summer blooming.
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Canna 'Red King Humbert'
Large exotic tropical foliaged perennial. Spectacular scarlet flowers from mid-summer to hard frost. Luxuriant reddish-bronze foliage.
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Canna 'The President' (red)
Rhizomatous, herbaceous perennial. Racemes of scarlet from mid-summer to early autumn.
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Canna 'Yellow King Humbert'
Rhizomatous, herbaceous perennial. Large paddle shaped glossy blue green. Racemes of scarlet from mid-summer to early autumn.
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Centaurea dealbata 'Gold Bullion'
Clump forming perennial. Bright charreuse foliage spring to fall. Blue blooms with a violet center.
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Centranthus ruber 'Coccineus'
Versatile plant being equally at home in both the xeric garden and traditional perennial border. Not fussy about its growing conditions, it has showy rose-red flowers that are continuous from late spring through summer. Prefers a well-drained garden soil.
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Cerastium t. 'Snow in Summer'
Ground cover that grows easily in any well-drained soil and spreads quickly by reseeding itself. Fragrant white flowers by the thousands highlight Snow-in-Summer in late spring. Shear off the faded flowers to maintain a tidy mat of fuzzy white leaves for the rest of the growing season.
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Ceratostigma plumbagnioides
Spreading, dwarf, perennial groundcover. Green, then turns maroon red in fall. Flowers are deep gentian-blue from late summer to fall.
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Coreopsis auriculata 'Nana' (yellow)
Perennial. Deep green foliage. Gold flowers bloom late spring-mid summer. Medium growth rate.
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Coreopsis 'Cosmic Eye' PP22601
Perennial. Early summer through early fall, this showy selection produces bright sunny yellow blossoms with a burgandy red eye and gold button center. During the cooler months, the flowers can display a significant amount of magenta coloring which radiates out from the center of the flower onto the petals.
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Coreopsis g. 'Domino' (yellow/red)
Compact perennial with fringed yellow flower and a deep red center floating above slender foliage. Forms an 18" mound. Full sun. Heat and drought tolerant. Summer to fall bloom time. Zone 3-9.
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Coreopsis g. 'Early Sunrise' (double yellow)
Perennial. Semi-double deep yellow flowers that flush to orange -yellow near the center. Long summer bloom time. Heat and drought tolerant. Blooms from June-September.
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