Located in Oregon's Willamette Valley, we are wholesale growers committed to providing a large, year-round selection of over 2000 varieties of high-quality plant material; readily available to professionals in the landscape and nursery trade.
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Rhod. 'Anah Kruschke' (lavender)- H-2
Evergreen shrub. Tolerates full sun. Purple/pink flowers bloom in May.
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Rhod. cat. 'Alba' (white)- H-1
Moderate growing, mounding evergreen shrub. White flower have a greenish throat. Blooms in May.
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Rhod. cat. 'Boursault' (purple)- H-1
Moderate growing, mounding evergreen shrub. Showy rose-lilac flowers bloom in May. Prefer well drained acidic soil.
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Rhod. 'Chionoides' (white)- H-2
Evergreen shrub. Pink buds open white with a yellow flare in May.
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Rhod. 'Crater Lake' (Purple)- H-3 ~NET~
Evergreen shrub with an upright habit. New growth is bronze-yellow then light green. Flowers are brilliant violet purple. Tolerates ful sun. Blooms in the spring.
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Rhod. 'Cunningham's White' (white)- H-2
Evergreen shrub. Light pink buds open to small white flowers with greenish-yellow blotch. Blooms in the spring.
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Rhod. 'English Roseum' (lavender-pink)- H-1
Evergreen shrub. Soft lavender flowers in late May.
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Rhod. 'Fabia' (orange)- H-2
Mounding evergreen shrub. Flowers are salmon orange with an orange calyx. Loose trusses of 7-10 flowers bloom in the spring. Leaves are a smooth, matte green with reddish-brown indumentum.
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Rhod. 'Holden' (red)- H-2
Evergreen shrub. Rose-red flowers are marked with a small red spot. Blooms April to May.
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Rhod. Impeditum (purple)- H-2
Dwarf evergreen shrub forms a cushion-like mound. Bright blue-purple to pink purple blooms are held in clusters April to May.
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Rhod. 'Jean Marie de Mont.' (red)- H-3
Compact, upright, rounded evergreen shrub. Tolerates full sun. Thick, heavy emerald green foliage. Showy, bright red flowers that are very hard to beat. Blooms in the spring.
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Rhod. 'Lee's Dark Purple' (purple)- H-2
Evergreen shrub. Dark, glossy green foliage. Deep purple flowers bloom in the spring.
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Rhod. 'Multimaculatum' (White)- H-1
Large deciduous shrub. Bears large loose clusters of starry white flowers from mid- to late spring. The wide-flaring blooms have a striking burgundy blotch on their upper lobe. Very long shiny dark green leaves.
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Rhod. 'Patty Bee' (yellow)- H-3
Compact, dwarf, well branched evergreen shrub. Will tolerate heat and sun. Small foliage densely covers plant. Clear yellow flowers to 2 inch across grow in 6-flower trusses in spring.
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Rhod. 'Pink Walloper' (pink)- H-3
Evergreen shrub. Huge satin pink trusses make a thrilling display in the spring. Large, deep green leaves with reddish leaf stems cover this sturdy plant.
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Rhod. 'PJM Compacta' (lavender-pink)- H-1
Evergreen shrub. Bright lavender pink flowers bloom in Mid March.
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Rhod. 'PJM Elite' (pink-lavender)- H-1
Compact, round, evergreen shrub. Glossy dark green leaves turning reddish purple in autumn. Clusters of lavender-pink blooms in early April.
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Rhod. 'Ramapo' (purple)- H-1
Dwarf , compact, spreading evergreen shrub. Pale violet, small flowers are displayed in profusion early to midseason. Best in moist, well-drained acid soil.
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Rhod. 'Rocket' (deep red-pink)- H-2
Evergreen shrub. Blooms are coral-pink blotched with scarlet red. Blooms mid-season.
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Rhod. 'Roseum Elegans' (pink)- H-1
Vigorous growing, upright, rounded evergreen shrub. Will tolerate sun. Shiny dark green leaves. Rosy-lilac flowers cover the plant in mid to late May.
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Rhod. 'Smokey #9' (Purple)- H-3 ~NET~
Evergreen shrub. Deep purple-burgundy flowers in spring.
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Rhod. 'Vulcan' (red)- H-2
Magnificent, mounding evergreen shrub. Deep dark green leaves. Rosy red flowers cover the shrub in May.
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Rhod. yak.'Yaku Princess' (pink-blush)- H-2
Strong growing, rather open, evergreen shrub. Will tolerate full sun. Pinkish white flowers bloom in the spring.
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