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Rhod. 'Polarnacht' (purple)- H-2 ~NET~
Intensely dark purple, frilly blooms with red throats and white stamens, bloom in the spring. Dark green evergreen foliage grows wider than tall. Name means Polar Night.
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Rhod. 'Ponticum Variegatum' (pink)- H-2
Slow growing, upright and open evergreen shrub. Long lance shaped leaves with white variegation on edge. Reddish purple tinged white or purple tinged pink flowers.
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Rhod. 'President Lincoln' (lavender)- H-1
Vigorous growing, upright, mounding evergreen shrub. Lilac toned lavender-pink flowers with a bronzy blotch form a tight domed truss.
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Rhod. 'President Roosevelt' (red-white)- H-3
Slow growing, rounded evergreen shrub. Green foliage has yellow accent along midrib. Trusses of red flowers fading to white in the center bloom in April.
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Rhod. 'Princess Anne' (yellow)- H-2
Compact evergreen shrub. Beautiful yellow flowers with a slight greenish cast. Foliage turns various shades of bronze depending on the weather. Received the Award of Merit from the Royal Horticulture Society.
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Rhod. 'Princess Mary of Cambridge' (Pink) H-1
Strong growing evergreen with a beautiful pink cluster of flowers that are light in the center edged in deep pink. Blooms in the spring.
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Rhod. pseudochrysanthemum (white)- H-2
Compact, mounding, evergreen shrub. Leaves are dark green and paler underneath. Dark pink buds open to bell shaped pale pink or white flowers in mid April to early May.
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Rhod. 'Purple Gem' (purple)- H-1
Slow growing, low, compact mounding evergreen shrub. Bluish-green, azalea-like foliage that turns bronze in winter. Purple-blue flowers cover the plant in May.
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Rhod. 'Purple Passion' (purple)- H-1
Compact evergreen shrub. Deep, rich purple flowers in late midseason. Dark green, disease-resistant foliage.
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Rhod. 'Purple Splendour' (purple)- H-2
Slow growing, evergreen shrub. Rich green foliage. Royal purple flowers with a black throat bloom in the spring. Plant in area with good drainage.
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Rhod. 'Purpureum Elegans' (purple)- H-1
Dense, compact evergreen shrub. Dark green foliage. The flowers are bluish purple in late May early June.
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Rhod. 'Purpureum Grandiflora' (purple)- H-1
Evergreen shrub. Medium purple flowers with golden dorsal flecks bloom slightly later than other varieties of Rhododendron in May and early June.
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Rhod. 'Queen Anne's' (white)- H-3
Evergreen shrub. This double hardy plant buds very young and very heavily. Flowers are white with a slight lavender cast from lavender buds. Blooms in the spring.
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Rhod. 'Ramapo' (purple)- H-1
Dwarf , compact, spreading evergreen shrub. Pale violet, small flowers are displayed in profusion early to midseason. Best in moist, well-drained acid soil.
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Rhod. 'Rangoon' (dk red)- H-1
Dense, mounding, compact evergreen shrub. Tolerates full sun. Dark red flowers cover the branches early. Rich, moist, well-drained acid soil.
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Rhod. 'Red Eye' (purple)- H-2
Evergeen shrub. Flowers purplish-red with a greenish-gold eye that slowly turns red. Full trusses. Blooms late midseason.
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Rhod. 'Red Walloper' (pink)- H-3
Strong growing evergreen shrub. Very attractive foliage. Deep rose red buds open rose, but lightens through many delightful shades of pink, to end a beautiful pastel pink. Spring bloom.
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Rhod. 'Rocket' (deep red-pink)- H-2
Evergreen shrub. Blooms are coral-pink blotched with scarlet red. Blooms mid-season.
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Rhod. 'Rosamundii' (pink)- H-3
Moderate growing, rounded evergreen shrub. Will tolerate some sun. Dark green leaves. Showy, light pink flowers in early March.
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Rhod. 'Rose Elf' (pink)- H-3
Small, bushy, multiple stemmed, evergreen shrub. Tolerates full sun. Jade green leaves turn bronzy-red in full sun. Trusses of 6 to 8 delightful pastel orchid pink flowers per stem. Spring bloom.
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Rhod. 'Roseum Elegans' (pink)- H-1
Vigorous growing, upright, rounded evergreen shrub. Will tolerate sun. Shiny dark green leaves. Rosy-lilac flowers cover the plant in mid to late May.
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Rhod. 'Roseum Pink' (pink)- H-1
Compact evergreen shrub. Flowers are pink and resemble that of a ‘Roseum Elegans’. Blooms in the spring.
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Rhod. 'Royal Purple' (purple)- H-2
Medium growing hybrid, mounding, evergreen shrub. Attractive deep shiny green leaves. Showy, deep purple flowers with a bright yellow eye.
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Rhod. 'Ruby Hart' (dark red)- H-3
Slow growing, dwarf, compact evergreen shrub. Most glossy green leaves possible. Deep dark red flowers cover the shrub in late April to early May.
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Rhod. 'Sappho' (white)- H-2
Open grrowing, sturdy evergreen shrub. Medium sized somewhat narrow olive-green leaves. Flowers are white with distinctive dark purplish-black blotch, in compact rounded trusses in early May.
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Rhod. 'Scarlet Wonder' (red)- H-2
Low, exceptionally compact, mounding, evergreen shrub. Will stand more sun than most. Dense glossy green leaves with delightful texture. Brilliant scarlet-red flowers in mid May to early June.
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Rhod. sch. 'Sid's Royal Pink' (pink)- H-2
Slow growing, tightly, rounded evergreen shrub. Round dense dark green foliage. Terrific clear pink flowers in a tight ball truss in May.
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Rhod. 'Schlippenbachii' (pink)- H-1
Upright, evergreen shrub. Tolerates full sun. Fragrant pink blooms in spring. This large-leaved azalea also has purple-hued foliage in spring, turning velvet green in summer, and finally fading to yellow in autumn.
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Rhod. 'Schneekrone' (rose)- H-2
Many branched, rounded, evergreen shrub. Deep green, slightly hairy foliage. Rose colored buds open to reveal white blooms flushed with pink and delicate red spots. Blooms in spring.
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Rhod. 'Scintillation' (pink)- H-2
Moderate growing, upright, rounded, evergreen shrub. Heavy waxy textured dark green leaves has interesting curls. Rich dark buds become a beautiful pastel pink with flared markings in the spring.
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Rhod. 'Shamrock' (yellow)- H-3
Extremely compact, evergreen shrub. Chartreuse flowers bloom around St. Patrick's Day.
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Rhod. 'Silvery Pink' (pink)- H-3
Semi-deciduous, upright shrub. Leaves are elliptic, flat, semi-glossy, moderate olive green, and are retained 2 years. Flowers are small, about 5 cm across, purplish-pink in bud, opening pale purplish-pink and lightly spotted purplish red, openly funnel-shaped, with wavy edges. Grow in somewhat loose ball-shaped clusters with 15 or so flowers in the spring.
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Rhod. 'Skookumchuck' (red)- H-2
Evergreen shrub. Bright red flowers crown this small, rounded shrub in spring. Dark green, leathery leaves contrast nicely with the flowers. Great accent plant.
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Rhod. 'Smokey #9' (Purple)- H-3 ~NET~
Evergreen shrub. Deep purple-burgundy flowers in spring.
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Rhod. 'Snow Lady' (white)- H-3
Compact growing, evergreen shrub. Tolerates sun. Soft, fuzzy green leaves. Snow white flowers in early March.
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Rhod. 'Spinulosum' (pink)- H-3
Dark evergreen foliage. Clusters of small light pink flowers bloom in the spring.
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Rhod. 'Spring Frolic' (pink)- H-1
Compact, rounded evergreen shrub. Medium sized green leaves. Deep pink buds open to white flowers in early May.
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Rhod. 'Springtime' (pink)- H-2
Vigorous, rounded evergreen shrub. Pink flowers with a dark blotch much like Mrs. Furnival, in large trusses in early June.
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Rhod. 'Starry Night' (purple)- H-3
Small, rounded, evergreen shrub. Small scaly somewhat bronzy green leaves. Very deep violet flowers bloom in early May.
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Rhod. 'Tapestry ' (purple)- H-1 ~NET~
Evergreen shrub. Deep purple flowers with dark purple blotch are funnel shaped, 2 " across, and have wavy edges. Blooms late Midseason.
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Rhod. 'Taurus' (deep red)- H-3
Medium growing, well shaped evergreen shrub. Deep green leaves hang on for three years. Globular trusses of glowing red bell-shaped flowers with black speckling on upper petals in late April.
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Rhod. 'The General' (red)- H-1
Slow growing, evergreen shrub. Deep green plant with super hardiness. Flowers have a dark red blotch surrounded by striking crimson. Spring bloom.
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Rhod. 'Tiana' (white)- H-3
Slow growing, upright, open growing, evergreen shrub. Shiny dark green leaves. Bell shaped trusses composed of white flowers with a unique "butterfly " shaped burgandy blotch. Spring bloom.
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Rhod. 'Titian Beauty' (red)- H-3
Slow growing, erect, compact, evergreen shrub. Small, shiny, jade green leaves. Charming bright red flowers in May.
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Rhod. 'Top Banana' (yellow)- H-3
Slow growing, upright shrub. Brick red buds open to empire yellow flowers in late April. One of the best yellow rhododendrons.
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Rhod. 'Tortoise Shell' (orange)- H-3
Slow growing, slightly open, mounding evergreen shrub. Bright orange trumpet shaped flowers in May.
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Rhod. 'Towhead' (yellow)- H-2
Very compact dwarf evergreen shrub. Leaves are small, almost round, and scaly on both sides. Flowers are brilliant greenish yellow with orange dots in the spring.
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Rhod. 'Trilby' (red)- H-2
Upright, rounded evergreen shrub. Will tolerate full sun. Matte green leaves. Beautiful trusses are deep crimson with black markings.
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Rhod. 'Trude Webster' (clear pink)- H-3
Slow growing, compact, upright evergreen shrub. Gigantic trusses of clear pink flowers in early May.
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Rhod. 'Unique' (cream)- H-3
Slow growing, compact, rounded evergreen shrub. Buds open light pink which open to a beautiful buttery-cream flower in late March.
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