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Rosa banksiae 'Alba Plena' (Yellow)
Semi-evergreen, climbing rose. Thornless. Double white flowers.
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Rosa banksiae 'Lutea' (Yellow)
Semi-evergreen, climbing rose. Double yellow scentless flowers. Thornless.
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Rosa 'Baronne Prevost'
Deciduous, with repeat bloms. Medium pink, double rose, bloom in clusters. Strong fragrance.
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Rosa 'Bright Red' (Red)
Decidous shrub with clusters of red 2" flowers. Very disease resistant.
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Rosa 'Carpet' - Pink
Low growing deciduous rose. Lovely pink flowers that are tinged with white.
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Rosa 'Carpet' - Red
Low growing, deciduous rose. 2" flowers are carmine red with yellow centers.
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Rosa 'Carpet' - White
Low growing, deciduous rose. 2" blooms are white with yellow stamens. Sweet subtle fragrance.
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Rosa chinensis 'Mutabilis' (Pink)
Deciduous. Single flowers of yellow, orange, and red.
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Rosa climb. 'Above All'™ PPAF (salmon-orange)
Old fashion climber with salmon orange showy blooms. Slight fruity fragrance. Good disease resistance. Continuous blooms from spring to fall.
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Rosa climb. 'All Ablaze' TM PP#13107 (Red)
Large-flowered climber. Medium-large, double, ruffled, cherry-red blooms. Petal count: Over 35. Slight spice fragrance.
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Rosa climb. 'Altissimo' (Red)
Large-flowered climber. Cherry red flowers. large single blooms with 5-7 petals and a light fragrance.
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Rosa climb. 'America' (Coral Pink)
Deciduous climber. Coral pink flowers. Strong, spicy scent.
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Rosa climb. 'Autumn Sunset' ®(Apricot)
Large, semi-double, golden apricot blooms on a climbing habit. Excellent disease resistance. Especially to black spot. Rich fruity fragrance.
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Rosa climb. 'Berries N Cream' TM PP#10639 (Pink-White)
Deciduous climbing rose. Flower are a mixture of rose pink and creamy white.
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Rosa climb. 'Blaze of Glory' (Coral)
Deciduous climber. Coral-colored blooming profusely all summer!
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Rosa climb. 'Cancan' PP21430 (red/pink)
Deciduous climber. Unique magenta red to light pink flower color is suffused with creamy white towards the center and outside of the petal. Flowering is continuous and disease resistance is excellent.
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Rosa climb. 'Candy Land' PP19,776 (pink/yellow)
Deciduous climbing rose. Great combination of ivory yellow over pink on well formed flowers. The classic hybrid tea shaped flowers are borne all summer in a steady repetition. Vigorous, hardy and easy to grow!
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Rosa climb. 'Cecile Brunner' (Pink)
Deciduous climbing rose. Small pink flowers. Blooms spring to fall.
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Rosa climb. 'Cloud 10'™ (white)
Loose climbing rose. Pure white climbing rose that has a very full flower similar to the English Roses.
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Rosa climb. 'Crimson Sky'™ PP18564 (red)
Abundant fire engine red blooms that will not fade. Blooms early in the season and will continue to fall. Great for an arbor or trellis.
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Rosa climb. 'Cupid's Kisses'™ PPAF (pink)
Abundant dark pink blooms with white centers. Slight fruity fragrance. This mini climber is perfect for containers or when left to climb on a smaller trellis. Good disease resistance.
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Rosa climb. 'Don Juan' (Red)
Deciduous climbing rose. Red flowers; 30-35 petals. Blooms have a strong fragrance.
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Rosa climb. 'Dream Weaver' TM PP#9492 (Coral-pink)
Deciduous climber. Coral-pink blooms with 30 petals and a light old-rose scent.
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Rosa climb. 'Dublin Bay' (Red)
Deciduous climbing rose. Large double red blooms with 25 petals and a fruity scent.
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Rosa climb. 'Eden Climber'™ (cream/pink)
Soft creamy pink roses with an old fashion style blooms. Outstanding bloomer. Makes for an excellent cut flower. Good disease resistance. Can be slow to establish.
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Rosa climb. 'Flutterbye' TM PP#9715 (Orange)
Deciduous climbing rose. Multicolor yellow, coral, tangerine, and pink.
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Rosa climb. 'Fourth Of July' TM PP#11518 (Red-White)
Deciduous climbing rose. Large semi-double red and white striped blooms. Fresh cut apple/sweet rose scent.
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Rosa climb. 'Fruity Petals'™ PPAF (coral)
A new disease resistant Climber from William Radler, breeder of The Knock Out® Rose. This Climbing rose explodes with a heavy flush of blooms in the spring and reblooms throughout the season. The color is very unique and can be described as coral with a yellow eye.
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Rosa climb. 'Garden Sun' PPAF (orange)
Large, unique orange and apricot blossoms. Prolific bloomer. Excellent on trellis or arbor. Excellent disease resistance.
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Rosa climb. 'Gold Glow' PPAF (yellow)
Deciduous climbing rose. Showy clusters of very double blooms cover the vigorous bush. Long lasting blooms appear though the growing season. Petal count: 25-30.
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Rosa climb. 'Golden Showers' (Yellow)
Deciduous climbing rose. Large bright yellow double blooms. Sweet licorice scent.
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Rosa climb. 'Handel' (Red-White)
Deciduous climbing rose. Large double white flowers with red edges. Lightly scented.
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Rosa climb. 'High Society'
Deep pink climbing rose. Classically formed rich pink blooms. Light damask fragrance. Vigorous growing.
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Rosa climb. 'Hot N Spicy' PPAF (orange/red)
Bush form. Beautiful orange color, Fragrant, and disease resistant.
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Rosa climb. 'Iceberg' (White)
Climbing floribunda. Medium ice white blooms with 20-25 petals in mild honey scented clusters.
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Rosa climb. 'Jacob's Robe'™ PP20742 (yellow/pink)
Deciduous climbing rose. Blushing yellows, pinks & reds, multi-color effect is even more dramatic than 'Joseph's Coat'. Floriferous, re-blooming readily in the very first year. Natural vigor, lusher glossy deep green leaves, better disease resistance & more hardiness. Moderate spice fragrance.
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Rosa climb. 'Joseph's Coat' (Red)
Deciduous climbing rose. Multi-colored flowers of red, pink, orange, and yellow. Light tea fragrance.
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Rosa climb. 'Lace Cascade' PP#8689 (White)
Deciduous climbing rose. White blooms with a light sweet scent.
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Rosa climb. 'Lemon Meringue' TM PPAF (Yellow)
Shrub / climber. Chiffon lemon yellow flowers. Large, double, blooms grow in clusters. 20 to 25 petals. Strong spice and fruit fragrance. Sport of 'Westerland'.
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Rosa climb. 'New Dawn' (Pink)
Large-Flowered Climber. Large cameo pink double blooms with 35-40 petals and a sweet rose scent.
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Rosa climb. 'Night Owl'™ PP18,740 (purple)
Deciduous climbing rose. Dark wine-purple version of 'Sally Holmes' blinking with bright yellow stamens. Clusters of showy sweetly fragrant blossoms come on quickly. long canes covered with clean grey-green leaves.The clusters are showy and sweetly fragrant.
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Rosa climb. 'Peace' (Yellow/ Pink)
Hybrid climbing rose. Medium ice white blooms with 20-25 petals in mild honey scented clusters.
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Rosa climb. 'Pearly Gates' TM PP#10640 (Pink)
Large-flowered climber. Large, full, pastel pearl pink blooms have 35 petals. Strong spice and rose scent.
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Rosa climb. 'Polka' PP9233 (apricot)
Large peachy-apricot flowers that can bloom from one to several per stem. The high centered buds open to delightful ruffled petals with a sweet, lemon-like perfume. Petal count 25- 30.
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Rosa climb. 'Pretty in Pink Eden'™ PP20953 (pink)
All the same qualities as Eden, but improved. Deep, pink double blooms are showy and very full. Makes for an excellent cut flower. Vintage rose fragrance. Good disease resistance.
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Rosa climb. 'Purple Splash'™PPAF (Purple/White)
Climbing rose. Wine purple and bright white, wildly striped flowers! Moderately strong spice and rose perfume.
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Rosa climb. 'Raspberry Cream Twirl'™ (pink)
Climbing rose. First striped climber with a true modern rose exhibition type flower. Dark Green, very glossy foliage. Flowers are medium to deep pink striped with pure white.
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Rosa climb. 'Red Fountain' (Red)
Climber. Blooms on new and old wood. The bright red flowers have up to 25 petals with a strong, rose fragrance. Good disease resistance.
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