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Rosa sb. 'Pink Home Run'® PW PPAF (pink), Tree Form
Rounded and bushy shrub. Vivid, rich pink flowers. Just like 'Home Run' it is early to flower and produces fresh flowers every day. Continuous bloom, black spot and mildew resistance and heat tolerance
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Rosa sb. 'Plum Frost' PPAF(Carmine)
Fragrant, versatile rose for hedges or background. Large sprays of deep reddish purple flowers reversed in light lavender. Citrus scent. 4' tall.
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Rosa sb. 'Prince Palace' (Red)
Shrub rose, bred for profuse bloom and compact size, Palace roses bear bouquets of fragrant flowers throughout summer. Ideal for containers and small gardens, hardy Palace roses are grown on their own rootstock. 'Prince Palace' has perfumed, striking velvety-red blossoms that appear silvery when viewed from the back.
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Rosa sb. 'Pure Perfume' PPAF (White)
Shrub rose with pure white, 4" blooms with 41+ petals. Glossy, dark green foliage. Strong, grapefruit fragrance.
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Rosa sb. 'Rabble Rouser' TM PPAF (Gold)
Rounded, bushy, full shrub. Golden blooms are medium-small, about 1 1/2 to 2 inches diameter, and grow in clusters. 10 to 15 petals. Mild fragrance.
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Rosa sb. 'Radsunny' PP18562 (Yellow)
Deciduous shrub with yellow blooms from spring-fall. Disease Resistant.
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Rosa sb. 'Rainbow Knockout'®PPAF (Orange)
Almost year round multi-colored bloom. Coral pink buds open to flowers from orange to pure pink.
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Rosa sb. 'Raspberry Rugostar'
Simple yet elegant deep pink blooms. Spreading habit. Light clove fragrance. Remove spent blooms to encourage rebloom.
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Rosa sb. 'Raven' TM PP#9211 (Red)
Shrub rose. Deep velvety red medium-small, blooms that grow in large clusters and have 20-25 petals. Slight fragrance.
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Rosa sb. 'Romantic Palace' (Bright Pink)
Shrub rose. Bright pink blossoms cover this easy-to-grow rose. The flowers have up to 25 petals with a fresh, sweet fragrance. Good disease resistance.
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Rosa sb. 'Ruffled Cloud' PPAF (Pink)
Large clusters of deep pink blooms. Canadian bred hardiness.
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Rosa sb. 'Sea Foam' (White)
Medium, fully double clusters of creamy white blooms with 30-35 petals and a slight scent on a shrubby/trailing form. Can be used as climbing or prostrate.
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Rosa sb. 'Snow Cone' PPAF (White)
Shrub rose. The creamy buds open to pure white single flowers on this shrub rose. Unusual plant has cone-shaped, Hydrangea-like clusters on compact rounded bushes. This disease resistant rose with a light fragrance has glossy dark green foliage.
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Rosa sb. 'Sophia Renaissance' (Amber)
Blooms of 4" with beautiful quartered form. Large amber-yellow flowers age to buff. Honey fragrance on this shrub is delightful.
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Rosa sb. 'The Fairy' (Pink)
Shrub rose with small clusters of pastel pink blooms that have 20-25 petals and a mild apple scent on a medium/slightly cascading form. Easy-going landscape softening ground cover.
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Rosa sb. 'Thrive!'™ (red)
Low, spreading habit. vibrant, fire engine red blooms hold their own and last all season long. It has superior resistance to black spot, rust, and mildew.
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Rosa sb. 'Tivoli Garden' (Yellow)
Shrub rose. A lovely blend of pastel yellows combines with a stunning hybrid tea form, making this a highly desirable rose. The plant is vigorous and quick to rebloom. A truly stunning rose and a must for every garden. The flowers have up to 40 petals with a light fragrance. Good disease resistance.
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Rosa sb. 'Topaz Jewel' (Yellow)
Medium yellow flowers, fading to cream, the colour deepens in cooler weather. Growing lower than the average shrub rose, this variety does not produce hips following bloom but is naturally hardy and highly disease resistant. Its untidy growth is best suited for borders rather than on its own in the bed. Reblooms early summer to frost.
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Rosa sb. 'What A Peach' TM PP#15287 (Peach)
Perfectly peachy, medium - small, double blooms grow in clusters and have 25 to 30 petals. Medium - tall, upright, full and bushy. Moderate fruity fragrance.
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Rosa sb. 'Wild Berry Blush'
Shrub rose. Lavender-pink 3 ½" blooms with 5 petals and a stem length of 10"-15". Foliage is semi-glossy and medium green. Strong clove fragrance.
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Rosa sb. 'Wild Spice' (White) PPAF
Shrub rose. Snowy white 3" blooms with 5 petals on stems 10"-15". Foliage is semi-glossy and dark green. Strong clove fragrance.
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Rosa sb. 'Wild Thing'TM PPAF (Pink)
A generous show of vibrant carmine buds and coral pink blooms. Open arching habit. Disease resistant.
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Rosa sb. 'Wildberry Breeze' PPAF (Purple)
Now this is a rose for fragrance. These small blooms pack a powerful, delicious fragrance for your garden. Plant a patch of them off to the side and let the summer breeze carry this great fragrance around your home and garden.
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Rosa sb. 'Yellow Jacket' (Yellow)
Vibrant yellow blooms on compact plant. Free flowering. Disease resistant.
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Rosa SH 'Be-Bop'
Medium sized red flowers that are either single or semi-double blooms, grow in clusters. Fragrant.
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Rosa sh 'Royal Edward Explorer'
semi-double medium pink, low-spreading semi-miniature rose, free-blooming from June to frost, disease resistant.
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Rosa woodsii (Pink)
Medium shrub with single pink flowers, red-orange fall color and bright red hips.
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Rosa x 'Nearly Wild' (pink)
Deciduous shrub rose. Single, pink flowers all season long. slight apple fragrance.
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Rosa x 'Noamel' P.P.# 10239
Low growing, deciduous rose. 2" white and pink flowers and a sweet subtle fragrance.
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Rosa x 'Noatraum' P.P.# 7282
HABIT: Deciduous Rose.
SIZE: Moderate grower 2' tall, 3' wide. 
HARDINESS: (USDA zone 4-10). 
EXPOSURE: Full Sun. 
DESCRIPTION: Single pink flowers bloom spring to fall.
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