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Rosa David Austin® 'Mary Rose' ®(Pink)
Shrub rose. Medium, double, rosy pink blooms with over 40 petals and a sweet old rose fragrance. Medium, upright, and bushy form
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Rosa David Austin® 'Molineux' (yellow)
Deciduous shrub rose. Green foliage with double rich yellow blooms in summer, Tea rose fragrance. An excellent rose for bedding and good for a border
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Rosa David Austin® 'Munstead Wood' PP19876 (crimson)
A multi-award winning rose with sumptuous, fragrant flowers. A healthy variety w/ sumptuous, deep velvety crimson blooms. Strong Old Rose fragrance with fruity notes of blackberry, blueberry and damson.
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Rosa David Austin® 'Noble Anthony' PP#10779 (Pink)
Shrub rose. Medium-large, very double, bright deep pink blooms with 35-40 petals. Strong old rose scent on a medium, bushy upright form.
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Rosa David Austin® 'Olivia Rose' (pink)
Soft pink shallow cups are packed full of petals. Nice citrus to fruity fragrance. Prolific bloomer. Disease resistant.
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Rosa David Austin® 'Pat Austin' PP#9527 (Copper)
Shrub rose. 4 inch copper blooms with a strong old-rose fragrance and 40-50 petals. Medium green foliage on a medium shrub.
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Rosa David Austin® 'Port Sunlight'™ PP19875 (apricot)
Attractive apricot rosette shaped roses with fading outside petals. Rich tea fragrance. New foliage emerges a bronzy red, maturing to a deep green. Repeat bloomer with excellent disease resitance.
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Rosa David Austin® 'Princess Alexandra of Kent' (pink)
Unusually large, deeply cupped pink blooms. Repeat bloomer. Strong tea fragrance with hints of lemon. It's short shrub form make it ideal for containers.
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Rosa David Austin® 'Princess Anne'®  (pink)
Large clusters of deep pink blooms with heart shaped ruffled petals. Repeat bloomer from spring to fall. Lightly scented with a tea rose fragrance. Excellent disease resistance.
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Rosa David Austin® 'Queen of Sweden' (pink)
Deciduous, upright, bushy rose. Green foliage with double pink blooms in summer. Light fragrance.
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Rosa David Austin® 'Scepter'd Isle'®™ (soft pink)
This pretty rose bears numerous, soft pink, cup-shaped flowers with clusters of yellow stamens. Powerful myrrh fragrance. Very healthy.
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Rosa David Austin® 'Sharifa Asma'® (pink)
A lovely rose with delicate blush pink, rosette-shaped blooms. Distinctive and beautiful fragrance with fruity notes reminiscent of white grapes and mulberry. Short, upright growth.
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Rosa David Austin® 'Sophy's Rose' PP#11422 (Pink to Red)
Medium double blooms open to broad dark pink to light red flowers with over 35 petals and a light tea scent. Medium, bushy, upright form.
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Rosa David Austin® 'St. Swithun'™ PP9010 (pink)
Very large, many petalled, saucer-like flowers of pure soft pink. There is strong, pure myrrh fragrance. Particularly tough, reliable and healthy.
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Rosa David Austin® 'Strawberry Hill'®  (pink)
Clusters of light pink cup-shaped blooms. Strong myrrh fragrance with a hint of citrus. Repeat bloomer from summer to fall. Excellent disease resistance.
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Rosa David Austin® 'Tamora' (Apricot-Yellow)
Shrub rose. Medium, fully double, cupped, soft apricot-yellow blooms with over 40 petals. Strong myrrh scent. Medium-low upright form.
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Rosa David Austin® 'Teasing Georgia' PPAF (Yellow)
Elegantly formed, fully cupped, deep to light yellow blended flower with deep yellow centers. Repeat bloomer. Pleasant tea rose fragrance. Good disease resistance. Can be kept to a shrub size or 10 ft when allowed to climb.
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Rosa David Austin® 'Tess of The d'Urbervilles' (red)
Deeply cupped crimson blooms. Classic old rose fragrance. Repeat bloomer. Vigorous grower can be kept to a shrub form or allowed to climb to 8 feet.
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Rosa David Austin® 'The Albrighton Rambler' (soft pink)
A charming repeat-flowering rambler. Small, cup-shaped flowers of softest pink held in large sprays. Light musky scent. Exceptionally healthy.
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Rosa David Austin® 'The Alnwick'® (soft pink)
Pretty, many petalled, cupped blooms of soft pink. Rich Old Rose fragrance with raspberry notes. Long flowering season. Exceptionally reliable with good, bushy growth.
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Rosa David Austin® 'The Dark Lady' PP#8677 (Red)
Shrub rose. Medium-large, very ruffled, double, deep dark red blooms with over 45 petals. Moderate old rose scent on a medium/spreading form.
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Rosa David Austin® 'The Generous Gardener' (pink)
Soft glowing pink blooms with a waterlily like shape. Strong old rose fragrance. Elegant arching growth habit. Highly disease resistant.
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Rosa David Austin® 'The Lady Gardener' (apricot)
Large, full petalled, rich apricot blooms. Strong and delicious tea fragrance. Repeat flowers quickly. Very healthy.
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Rosa David Austin® 'The Poet's Wife' (yellow)
Vibrant yellow blooms with a lemony fragrance that becomes stronger as it ages. Holds color well thru summer. Good disease resistance.
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Rosa David Austin® 'Tranquillity' (white)
An attractive, very floriferous variety, bearing pure white, beautifully rounded, rosette blooms. Almost thornless with very healthy, vigorous growth. Light apple fragrance.
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Rosa David Austin® 'William Shakespeare 2000' (red)
Velvety crimson red blooms will mature to a red purple. Deeply cupped blooms. Strong classic rose fragrance. One of the few Davis Austin roses with excellent disease resistance.
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Rosa David Austin® 'Winchester Cathedral' (white)
Showy white blooms with occasional pink centers. Delicious old rose fragrance with hints of honey and almond blossom, which becomes much stronger in warmer weather. Mass of flowers continue to bloom throughout the summer.
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Rosa David Austin® 'Wollerton Old Hall' (soft apricot)
Beautiful, very rounded flowers of soft apricot fading to cream. Particularly strong fragrance. Bushy, upright growth. Extremely healthy.
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Rosa David Austin® 'Young Lycidas' (magenta)
Magnificent, purple-magenta blooms of classic Old Rose beauty. Lovely fragrance combining tea and old rose with hints of cedar wood. Healthy, bushy growth.
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Rosa flor. 'Adobe Sunrise'™ PPAF (orange)
A bushy, very compact rose. Floribunda with large, salmon-orange flowers. Always in bloom, displaying excellent color, and the ability to self clean. Its small size makes this rose perfect for small spaces or containers.
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Rosa flor. 'Anthony Meilland'™ (yellow)
Medium, bushy habit. A very vigorous plant that produces lots of large, double flowers that come 3 to 5 blooms per stem, throughout the summer. Slight fragrance.
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Rosa flor. 'Bolero'™ PP17841 (white)
A modern rose with an old fashion look. Large white blooms with a Davis Austin appeal. Wonderfully fragrant. Dense disease resistant foliage. Excellent as a cutting flower.
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Rosa flor. 'Brilliant Pink Iceberg' PP12645 (pink)
Rounded and bushy. Blooms are a blend of deep pink and cream. Brilliant Pink has all the other great attributes of Iceberg including the wonderful flower production, good disease resistance, attractive bushy habit and nearly thornless stems. Flower Size: 3-5". Frangrance: Mild Honey.
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Rosa flor. 'Burgundy Iceberg'™ (purple)
Rounded and bushy. Maroon hued flower clusters. A strong growing rose with nearly thornless stems and fantastic flower production. Flower color intensifies with cooler temperatures.
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Rosa flor. 'Candy Cane Cocktail'™ (white/pink)
Profuse clusters of white blooms with deep pink to red edges. Smaller than a hybrid tea makes it perfect for any landscape. Excellent disease resitance.
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Rosa flor. 'Canyon Road'™ PPAF (red)
a red Floribunda with a unique and novel color. It blooms in late spring with a striking flush of brick red blooms. It shows good tolerance to disease and maintains a pleasing habit. Well suited for use in borders for a striking pop of color. (Meiscarlebo)
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Rosa flor. 'Colorific'™ PP23174 (salmon)
Medium-tall, upright, and bushy. Flowers open to show off shades of peach, coral, and salmon. Flower color matures into tones of orange, scarlet, and burgundy. Mild fruity fragrance.
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Rosa flor. 'Crimson Flame' PPAF (red/pink)
Compact growth. Novel red and pink striped blooms in clusters all season long. Disease resistant foliage. Petal count 20-25.
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Rosa flor. 'Doris Day'™ PPAF (yellow)
.Clusters of old fashion yellow blooms. Inspired by America's Sweetheart, flowers are large and showy. Strong fruity fragrance. Good disease resistance.
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Rosa flor. 'Drop Dead Red'™ PPAF (red)
Medium-tall, upright and bushy shrub. Velvet-red flowers open over highly-glossed, deep green foliage. Mild tea fragrance.
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Rosa flor. 'Easy Does It'™ PP#9161
A bushy, well-branched rose with a naturally rounded habit. large-flowers that blooms perpetually through the growing season. Filled with warm colors from mango and orange to peachy pink and apricot.They release a strong, delightful fruit-influenced sweet scent. AKA 'Harpagean'.
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Rosa flor. 'Easy To Please'™ PPAF (pink)
Abundant fuchsia pink, double blooms with white on the outside of the petals. Vigourous upright habit. Slight clove fragrance with a hint of cinnamon. Excellent disease resistance.
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Rosa flor. 'Fired Up'™ PPAF (yellow/orange)
Flowers are striped with brilliant orange, yellow, and red and have 10 petals. Color does not fade im the heat. Good resistance to rust and mildews.
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Rosa flor. 'Gilded Sun'™ PPAF (yellow)
has an excellent yellow non-fading color and exceptional disease resistance for the type. It grows well on its own roots and has large green glossy leaves. (Meianycid)
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Rosa flor. 'Hot N Spicy' PP8066 (orange/red)
Bushy floribunda. Double to full roses that are red to orange-red. 14-25 petal count. Mild fragrance. Reblooming.
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Rosa flor. 'Impatient' (orange/red)
Upright, bushy floribunda. Bears vivid masses of delicately scented orange-red flowers all summer. Light green glossy foliage.
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Rosa flor. 'Julio Iglesias'™ PP20719 (red/white)
A striking stiped bloom of red and white. Outstanding citrus fragrance. Performs best in warmer climates.
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Rosa flor. 'Jump for Joy'™ (apricot)
Large, long-lived peachy-pink blooms. Prolific bloomer with a slight fragrance. Great for cutting. Disease resistant.
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