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Rosa flor. 'Ketchup & Mustard'™ PPAF (red/yellow)
Rounded and bushy floribunda. Bright red flowers with the darkest yellow backside. Holds color until flower drop. Forms a tidy bush with glossy green leaves, perfect for an accent to a container.
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Rosa flor. 'Koko Loko'™ PP23269 (mauve)
Rounded, bushy, floribunda. Milky chocolate colored flowers mature to be a solid soft lavender blossom. Forms a handsome, rounded, bushy plant that is chock full of green leaves.
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Rosa flor. 'Love Song'™ (lavender)
Beautiful lavender old fashion rose. Prolific bloomer with a mild citrus fragrance. Petals hold color well through the season. Good disease resistance.
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Rosa flor. 'Nicole' (white/pink)
Bushy medium sized Floribunda that stays very compact. White flowers edged with dark pink. A vigorous grower with good disease resistance. Mild fragrance.
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Rosa flor. 'Oh My!' PPAF (red)
Upright floribunda. Dark green foliage. Double, velvety red blooms with 25-30 petals grow in the summer. Mild apple fragrance.
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Rosa flor. 'Orchid Romance'™ (pink)
Bushy, upright floribunda. Soft, delicate, old fashioned pink flowers with a lavender undertone. The fragrance can be very strong and powerful at times. This delicate but tough rose will perform well in gardens all over the country. Above average disease resistance for the type.
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Rosa flor. 'Passionate Kisses'™ (pink)
Attractive pink blooms on a compact rose bush. Non stop prolific bloomer. Slight fragrance.
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Rosa flor. 'Polynesian Punch'™ (orange)
A kaleidoscope of colors from orange to pink to yellow with non stop blooms. Performs best in dry climates. Great in a container.
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Rosa flor. 'Pumpkin Patch'™ PP21,605 (orange)
Rounded, bushy habit. Buttery rich coppery buds open into clusters of fragrant octobery orange. Shiny green leaves.
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Rosa flor. 'Redgold' (Gold/Red)
Bushy habit. Flashy Fire-Hot Color! Clusters of bright buds blaze on the mahogany and green foliage.
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Rosa flor. 'September Mourn'™ PP16243 (white)
A prolific profusion of pure white blooms. This compact rose makes it easy to maintain. Slight fragrance. Hybridized as a tribute to those who lost there lives on 911.
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Rosa flor. 'Shining Moment'™ PPAF (pink)
a slightly fragrant pink Floribunda with excellent disease resistance for the type. It blooms non-stop throughout the season and grows well on its own roots.
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Rosa flor. 'Shockwave'™ PP21531 (yellow)
Medium, rounded floribunda. The yellowist-yellow flowers over the greenest-green foliage. Flowers hold color until drop. Mild fragrance.
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Rosa flor. 'Sparkle & Shine' PPAF (yellow) ~NET~
Bushy, rounded form. Fragrant yellow blooms in summer, Dark green foliage.
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Rosa flor. 'Sultry Sangria'™ (deep magenta)
Unique purple to magenta single blooms. Color intensity may vary, depending on its growing conditions. Excellent hedge rose.
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Rosa flor. 'Take It Easy'™ PPAF (red)
Classic red blooms with a lighter pink underside. Color will not fade. Slight fragrance. Very dood disease resistance.
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Rosa flor. 'Tangerine Stream'™ (multi-colored)
Very bushy floribunda. Flower is classic and fully double, Apricot salmon suffused with yellow and orange
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Rosa flor. 'Tequila Supreme' PP21271 (orange)
A bushy floribunda. Great unique color, a mix of copper and ochre. Unaffected by rain. Always in bloom on a very uniform well rounded plant. Very similar to Tequila and Tequila Gold in all aspects: floriferousness, growing habit, disease resistance and winter hardiness.
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Rosa flor. 'Vavoom'™ PP20166 (orange)
Medium-low, rounded floribunda. Bright orange juice tones. Mahogany red new growth with glossy green leaves. Moderate spicy fragrance.
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Rosa flor. 'Violet's Pride'™ PPAF (lavender)
Large, rich lavender blooms with a darker magenta center. Strong fruity to spicy fragrance. Compact, rounded shape is perfect in containers or in the smaller landscape. Excellent disease resistance.
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Rosa flor. 'White Licorice' (creamy yellow)
Showy creamy yellow blooms. Prolific bloomer. Intense strong licorice fragrance. Good disease resistance.
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Rosa floribunda 'Angel Face' (Lavender)
Floribunda rose. Clear medium lavender blushes of ruby blooms that are double and ruffled with 25-30 petals. Strong citrus scent on low, rounded bush.
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Rosa floribunda 'Betty Boop' TM PP#11517 (Ivory- Red)
Medium, rounded, floribunda. Blooms are white with a red border and yellow center. They are medium-large, semi-double, and have 6 to 12 petals. Moderate fruity fragrance. Reblooms quickly without deadheading or shaping. Consistent in all climates.
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Rosa floribunda 'Betty Prior' (Carmine)
Floribunda with 2 1/2 inch carmine to pink blooms with 5-7 petals and a tea rose scent on medium green foliage.
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Rosa floribunda 'Bill Warriner' TM PP#9494 (Salmon)
Floribunda with 3 1/2 to 4 inch salmon-coral blooms with 25-30 petals and a light, sweet fragrance on glossy, dark green foliage.
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Rosa floribunda 'Black Cherry' (Red)
Floribunda with dark red, 3"-4" blooms. Light fragrance. Glossy, medium green foliage.
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Rosa floribunda 'Blueberry Hill' TM PP#10072 (Lilac)
Floribunda. Large, semi-double, lilac blooms with 12 to 15 petals. Moderate sweet apple fragrance.
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Rosa floribunda 'Brass Band' TM PP#9171 (Orange-Yellow)
Floribunda. Medium to large, full, Melon orange and yellow bicolor flowers with 30-35 petals. Moderately fruity scent on a medium/rounded bush.
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Rosa floribunda 'Chihuly'® PP#15076  (Multi-Color)
Floribunda with showy, multi-colored flowers of apricot, yellow to orange, and then red. Medium-large, double bloooms with a petal count of 25 to 30. Mild tea fragrance.
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Rosa floribunda 'Cinco De Mayo' TM (Bronze, Red, Lavander)
Vigorous blooming floribunda with shades of smoky lavender, sunset rose, and orange red around a yellow center. Fresh apple fragrance. Bloom clusters on 10-15" stems. Medium bushy growth. Profusion of flowers all summer season.
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Rosa floribunda 'Cinnamon Twist' (Coral-Orange)
Smokey shades of coral and orange blooms with a gold tipped base. Fruity fragrance. Shapely compact plant.
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Rosa floribunda 'Day Breaker' TM PP#15334 (Peach-Yellow)
Floribunda with medium, double, pastel peach and yellow blooms with 25 petals and a mild fruity fragrance on a medium to tall upright bushy plant.
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Rosa floribunda 'Disneyland® Rose' PPAF (Orange-pink)
Floribunda with 3 1/2 inch copper, apricot, orange, and pink blooms with 25 petals. Light, spicy fragrance on dark green foliage.
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Rosa floribunda 'Easy Going' TM PP#10478 (Yellow)
Floribunda with golden peachy yellow blooms. Medium sized shrub with a rounded form. Medium-large, double blooms with a petal count of 25 to 30. Moderately fruity fragrance. Sport of Livin' Easy.
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Rosa floribunda 'EBB Tide' TM PPAF (Purple)
Floribunda that has smoky deep plum purple blooms. Medium, upright, bushy form. Blooms are medium sized, very double, and old-fashioned with a petal count of over 35. Strong spicy clove fragrance.
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Rosa floribunda 'Enchanted Evening' (Lavender)
Sumptuous citrus scent to a lovely, twilight-hued lavender blooms. Flowers are 3-4" with 25 petals and 14-16" stems.
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Rosa floribunda 'Eureka' TM PPAF (Apricot)
Sets loads of blossoms that hold their hue in large clusters of apricot warmed by copper. 25-30 petals on a 4" flower. Medium size rose bush. Light fragrance.
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Rosa floribunda 'Fragrant Wave' (White)
Large clusters of snowy white flowers with a very pleasing spiced tea scent. Blooms all summer.
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Rosa floribunda 'French Lace' (Ivory)
Floribunda with 4-5 inch ivory flowers with 30 petals and a light spicy fragrance on holly-shaped, dark green foliage.
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Rosa floribunda 'George Burns' PP#10334 (Striped)
Floribunda with yellow, red, pink, and cream striped blooms. Medium-low, rounded form. Large, double flowers with a petal count of 30 to 35. Strong fruit and citrus fragrance.
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Rosa floribunda 'Gingersnap' (Yellow-Orange)
Floribunda with medium to large, ruffled, brilliant yellow-orange flowers have 30-35 petals and a mild scent on a medium bushy plant.
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Rosa floribunda 'Goldmarie' (Gold)
Floribunda with Deep, lasting gold, medium - large, double flowers. Petal count is 25 to 30. Light fruity fragrance. Medium - low, upright yet compact habit.
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Rosa floribunda 'Grand Prize' PPAF (Cream-Pink)
Floribunda with 4 inch cream flowers blushed with pink and 20-25 petals with a light, spicy scent on semi-glossy, dark green foliage.
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Rosa floribunda 'Heaven on Earth' (Pink)
Fully cupped blossoms in luscious shades of apricot. Spicy fragrance. Superior disease resistance.
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Rosa floribunda 'Honey Bouquet' TM PP#11882 (Honey)
Floribunda. 4-4 1/2 inch rich honey yellow blooms with 35 petals and a strong, sweet fragrance on glossy, dark green foliage.
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Rosa floribunda 'Honey Perfume' TM PPAF (Apricot)
Floribunda with medium, double, apricot-yellow blooms with 25-30 petals and a moderate spicy scent on a medium rounded plant.
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Rosa floribunda 'Iceberg' (White)
Floribunda with medium sized clusters of very large, double, ice white blooms with 20-25 petals and a mild honey fragrance on a medium-tall bushy plant.
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Rosa floribunda 'Intrigue' (Purple)
Floribunda with medium/large double, novel, plum purple blooms with 25-30 petals and a strong citrus scent. Medium sized, bushy plant.
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