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Broadleaf & Deciduous Shrub

Bamboo, Phyllostachys aureosulcata
Vigorous bamboo with cright yellow culms (grooves) on green stems. Evergreen.
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Bamboo, Phyllostachys nigra
Medium growing, evergreen culms. New culms are green, turning black in second year. Rarely they will be olive green dotted with black.
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Bamboo, Phyllostachys nuda
Most cold hardy of all the Phyllostachys. With dark green, very erect culms, this is the bamboo of choice for very cold climates.
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Bamboo, Phyllostachys vivax
One of the hardiest timber bamboo. Fast to establish with striking good looks.
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Bamboo, Pleioblastus argenteostriata
Running dwarf bamboo with white striped leaves. Makes a nice ground cover if pruned annually. Green hairless leaves are more or less striped with white or yellow.
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Bamboo, Pleioblastus distichus 'Green Carpet'
Very low-growing groundcover which can be maintained by mowing to keep dense and clean. Extremely vigorous turf alternative. Evergreen perennial.
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Bamboo, Pleioblastus fortunei 'Little Zebra'
Groundcover bamboo. Colorful green and white striped leaves with spreading rhizome roots. Adds texture and color among woody plants: an alternative to traditional groundcovers.
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Bamboo, Pleioblastus pygmaea
Upright, woody, evergreen bamboo. A small bamboo with a unique fan-shaped leaf pattern that spreads quickly. usually solid, mid green culms (stems).
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Bamboo, Pleioblastus variegata
Very vigorous and variegated groundcover bamboo. Some leaves are variegated and some are not, while some leaves are wide and some very narrow. Grows a lesser number of culms but is larger in stature, and of greater girth, than others in the species.
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Bamboo, Sasa veitchii
Spreading bamboo that can be used as a groundcover. Dwarf bamboo with deep-green leaves that become bicolored with the onset of autumn. The leaves then exhibit straw-colored margins, which persist into spring in warmer zones.
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Berberis × stenophylla ‘Irwinii’
Dense evergreen shrub. Arching stems and narrow leaves. Orange flowers in May and June. Round purple berries.
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Berberis darwinii
Vigorous, upright evergreen shrub. Stiff, spine toothed glossy dark green leaves. Flowers are yellow with red, showy and abundant, flowering in mid to late spring. Blue-black fruit.
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Berberis julianae
Dense, upright growing, evergreen shrub. Has dark and wrinkled, holly-like leaves with spiny stems. Makes a good barrier or hedge plant. Small, yellow spring flowers are followed by blue-black berries. Moist, well-drained soil.
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Berberis thun. 'Atropurpurea'
Dense branching, deciduous shrub. Makes an excellent hedge. Purplish-red summer foliage turns red with cool weather. Red berries follow the yellow flowers in fall. Thorns.
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Berberis thun. 'Aurea'
Dense, relatively slow growing mounding decidulous shrub. Leaves are vivid yellow in sun, yellow green in shade. Thorns.
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Berberis thun. 'Bagatelle'
Compact deciduous shrub. Small purple-red leaves. Tiny, yellowish flowers appear in late April to early May, but are often hidden by the foliage and are not considered showy. Bright red berries form in fall and often last through the winter. The berries are attractive to birds.
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Berberis thun. 'Bonanza Gold'
Dwarf barberry with golden yellow and orange leaves in the spring. Matures to a bright yellow in summer. Foliage turns a vivid orange red in fall with red berries. Excellent as a low hedge.
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Berberis thun. 'Burgundy Carousel'
Spreading Dwarf, dense deciduous shrub. Burgundy-purple foliage in summer, red in the fall. Deer resistant, excellent for borders. Thorns. bright red berries in fall attract birds. AKA Berberis thunbergii 'Bailtwo'
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Berberis thun. 'Cherry Bomb®
Compact, rounded, deciduous shrub. Color similar to ‘Crimson Pigmy’, but more open branching, slow growing. Thorns.
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Berberis thun. 'Crimson Pygmy'
Dwarf, densely branched, deciduous shrub. Deep crimson colored leaves in summer, red in the fall. Deer resistant, excellent for borders. Thorns.
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Berberis thun. 'Golden Nugget' TM PP#9577
Compact, rounded, deciduous shrub. Orange new growth maturing to golden yellow foliage. Orange in fall. Thorns.
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Berberis thun. 'Golden Ring'
Dwarf, denselyl branched deciduous shrub. Deep crimson-purple colored foliage margined with golden yellow, that turns red in autumn. Thorns.
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Berberis thun. 'Golden Ruby' PP16203 (Goruzam)
Spring foliage emerges a striking fluorescent orange, with leaves maturing to a burgundy maroon with contrasting yellow margins. Color intensifies in fall with oranges and red. Drought tolerant once established.
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Berberis thun. 'Helmond Pillar'
Compact, columnar, deciduous shrub. Dark red-purple foliage has brighter red new growth. Thorns.
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Berberis thun. 'Kobold'
Slow growing, extra dwarf, rounded deciduous shrub. Lustrous dark green foliage. Especially well suited for low borders and mass plantings. Fall color is yellow-red. Thorns.
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Berberis thun. 'Orange Rocket' PP18411
Upright deciduous shrub. Vibrant coral-orange new foliage ages to mid-green, then turns ruby red in autumn. Thorns.
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Berberis thun. 'Pow-wow'
Very upright growth habit, similar to 'Helmond Pillar'. Deciduous shrub. Makes an excellent hedge. Unusual variety with cream varigation on bright golden-yellow leaves. Thorns.
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Berberis thun. 'Rosy Glow'
Dense, upright, deciduous shrub. Variegated rosy-red mottled white new growth, turning rosy-red whem mature. Fall color is orange -red to red-purple. Deer resistant. Thorns.
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Berberis thun. 'Royal Burgundy'® PP#9461
Slow growing, extra dense, rounded deciduous shrub. Slow growing, barberry that is more dense and compact than 'Crimson Pygmy'. Deep burgundy colored leaves hold their color until late autumn. Red fall color. Full sunlight enhances coloration of leaves. Thorns.
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Berberis thun. 'Ruby Carousel'
Compact, thorny shrub with reddish purple foliage throughout the year, turning to a scarlet-purple in fall. Attractive red berries in winter. May be pruned to any desired height. Excellent as a hedge or a barrier plant.
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Berberis thun. 'Sparkle'
Slow growing, gracefully arching, deciduous shrub. Deep green foliage turns brilliant red, orange, and yellow in fall. Thorns.
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Berberis thun. 'Sunjoy™Gold Pillar' PW PP18082
Columnar deciduous shrub. Bright golden foliage, red new growth. Turns bright orange/red in fall.
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Berberis thun. 'Sunsation'® PP#11332
Slow growing, compact, dwarf, deciduous shrub. Displays attractive golden foliage with a golden-yellow cast most of the season. Provides excellant contrast with green leaved plants. Thorns.
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Berberis thunbergii 'Admiration' PP16921 ~NET~
Vibrant coral red foliage with strong yellow margins. Compact habit is perfect for that smaller space in the garden. Drought tolerant once established.
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Berberis thunbergii 'Concorde' ~NET~
Dwarf, densely branched deciduous shrub. Burgundy and yellow foliage. Yellow flowers in spring with dark reddish-purple foliage that holds it's color well in summer.
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Berberis thunbergii 'Crimson Ruby'® ~NET~
This dense, small shrub displays outstanding burgundy-red foliage throughout the warm seasons providing rich landscape color to low hedges, foundation plantings and formal gardens. Deciduous.
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Berberis verruculosa
Slow-growing, dense, evergreen shrub. Clear yellow flowers in spring are followed by violet-black fruits. Leaves green, turning a rich mahogany in winter. Thorns.
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Berberis x glad. 'William Penn'
Gracefully arching, dwarf, evergreen shrub. Glossy bright green leaves turn brilliant bronze in fall. Profusion of bright yellow flowers in spring. Good barrier hedge.
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Berberis x mentorensis
Fast-growing, upright- rounded Semi evergreen shrub. Pale green leaves turn yellow to orange in fall. Yellow flowers followed by red fruit. Thorns.
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Betula pen. 'Trost Dwarf'
Compact, shrubby, witches-broom-like deciduous shrub. Slow growing. Rich green leaves are almost thread-like.
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