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Broadleaf & Deciduous Shrub

Berberis thunbergii 'Crimson Ruby'® ~NET~
This dense, small shrub displays outstanding burgundy-red foliage throughout the warm seasons providing rich landscape color to low hedges, foundation plantings and formal gardens. Deciduous.
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Berberis x glad. 'William Penn'
Gracefully arching, dwarf, evergreen shrub. Glossy bright green leaves turn brilliant bronze in fall. Profusion of bright yellow flowers in spring. Good barrier hedge.
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Buddleia 'Flutterby Pink' PPAF
Spreading, semi-deciduous shrub. Smaller, dark pink/purple flowers continuously bloom from early summer until frost. Deep green foliage. Easy to grow plant is great for borders, and large/mixed containers. Drought and heat-tolerant. Attracts humming birds and butterflies.
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Buddleia Lo & Behold® 'Blue Chip' PW PP19991 ~NET~
Fragrant blue flowers bloom continuously from summer to fall. All the same features as the traditional butterfly bush, but with a compact habit. Sterile flowers will not reseed. May remain evergreen in milder winters. Will attract butterflies. Excellent in containers or when planted in mass.
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Buxus m. k. 'Faulkner'
Dense, dwarf, evergreen. Maintains bright green foliage through winter. Excellent hedge material. Exremely cold hardy.
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Buxus m. k. 'Franklin's Gem' ~NET~
Slow growing broadleaf, rounded shrub. Attractive bright green foliage becomes rich olive in the winter. Considered one of the hardiest boxwoods. Good for foundation plantings or a low hedge.
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Buxus m. k. 'Green Beauty'
Rounded, evergreen shrub. Retains its fine dark green color year round. Takes well to pruning. Likes moist well drained soil. Deer Resistant. Slow growing.
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Buxus m. k. 'Julia Jane'
New growth emerges lime green and matures to a dark green. Holds color well in cold weather. Compact habit makes it an excellent choice for a small hedge.
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Buxus m. k. 'Winter Gem'
Compact, densely branched evergreen shrub. Retains its dark green velvety foliage color in winter. Very winter hardy.
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Buxus m. k. 'Wintergreen'
Evergreen, dark, glossy green leaves. Excellent as a foundation or small hedge plant. Holds color well through winter, however will bronze slightly in winter when planted in full sun. Takes pruning well.
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Buxus m. koreana
Slow and low growing, compact, broadleaf evergreen shrub. Dark green, small leaves, slightly open structure. Very winter hardy.
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Buxus s. 'Chicagoland Green'
Dark green oval leaves on an evergreen compact shrub. An excellent cold hardy variety that holds its color well in winter. Similar to 'Green Velvet' boxwood. Responds well to pruning.
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Buxus s. 'Dee Runk' (field grown) ~NET~
Upright, narrow cultivar with dark green, glossy leaves. Excellent as a narrow hedge. Prune to maintain shape. If left unpruned, it will take on a broader columnar habit.
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Buxus s. 'Graham Blandy'
Moderately fast growing conical evergreen shrub. A moderately fast growing conical plant with minimum of bronzing in winter. Shiny, dark blue-green rich foliage. Good for accent plant or specimen. One of the best uprights. Deer Resistant.
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Buxus s. 'Green Pillar'
Narrow upright form. Medium to fine textured, lustrous green foliage does not brown out in winter. An excellent hedge for tight places, in mass plantings or in a formal garden. Can be pruned as a topiary.
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Buxus s. 'Newport Blue'
Dense, mounded, broadleaf evergreen. Maintains blue/green foliage year round. Excellent hedge plant.
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Buxus s. 'Suffruticosa'
Dense, compact, broadleaf evergreen shrub. Excellent hedge plant. Most commonly used for border or formal hedges. Can be kept at 6" with pruning. Can show winter bronzing.
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Buxus s. 'Vardar Valley' (field grown) ~NET~
Attractive low mounding evergreen boxwood. Distinctive blue tinted foliage in spring, maturing to green. Excellent as a small hedge.
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Buxus s. 'Variegata'
Dense, compact, slow-growing evergreen. Green leaves with distinct silver edge. Excellent hedge plant. Most commonly used for border or formal hedges.
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Buxus sempervirens
Dense, compact, slow-growing evergreen shrub. Has dark green, oval leaves. Responds well to shearing. Makes and excellet hedge.
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Buxus sinica var. insularis 'Justin Brouwers'
Nice, compact, rounded boxwood. Small pointed leaves with excellent deep green color. Responds well to pruning. Great as a low hedge or border.
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Buxus x 'Alice'
Slow growing evergreen boxwood. Very similar to the common boxwood. Can be sheared to any shape or size.
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Buxus x 'Green Gem' PP#373
Moderate growing, full bodied evergreen shrub. Foliage retains its rich green color throughout the winter. Dense and rounded if unsheared.
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Buxus x 'Green Mountain'
Moderate growing, dense, upright, evergreen shrub. Bright green leaves retain their color through winter. Natural cone shape if left unsheared.
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Buxus x 'Green Velvet'
HABIT: Moderate growing, full bodied evergreen shrub. -- SIZE: 3-4 ft. tall and wide (when not pruned). -- HARDINESS: Hardy to -20 degrees F (USDA Zone 5). -- EXPOSURE: Full sun to part shade. -- DESCRIPTION: Foliage retains its rich green color throughout the winter. Dense and rounded if unsheared.
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Callicarpa bodinieri 'Profusion'
Deciduous shrub. Small pink-purple flowers in summer. Bright purple berries in fall. Prune late winter to early spring.
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Calluna vulgaris 'Corbetts Red'
Compact and vigorous evergreen shrub. Medium violet-red clusters, green scale-like foliage. Blooms late summer into fall.
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Calluna vulgaris 'H. E. Beale' (pink)
Compact, semi prostrate, evergreen shrub. Double, pale pink clusters of flowers bloom late summer through fall. Green foliage.
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Calluna vulgaris 'Silver Knight' (lt.lavender)
Spreading, evergreen shrub. Blooms in light lavender-pink clusters. Foliage is a downy gray turning silver gray in winter.
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Calluna vulgaris 'Spring Torch' (lavender)
Compact, spreading, evergreen shrub. Blooms in light lavender-pink clusters. Foliage is mid- green with cream, orange, and red tips in spring.
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Camellia h. 'Betty Sette' (red)
Medium growing, upright, pyramidal, broadleaf evergreen shrub. Lustrous dark green leaves. Rich rose-red blooms with yellow center in early spring.
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Camellia h. 'Jury's Yellow' (cream yellow)
Moderate growing, evergreen shrub. Shiny, dark green dense foliage. Flowers are a creamy yellow, anemone-shaped blooms. Bloom all spring.
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Camellia h. 'Winter's Snowman' (white)
Moderate growing, upright evergreen shrub. Numerous vivid red-pink flowers in winter. Excellent foundation or hedge plant.
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Camellia jap. 'Bob Tinsie' (red)
Slow growing, dense, evergreen shrub. Compact, evergreen shrub with glossy, dark-green leaves. It bears anemone-form, bright-red flowers in spring.
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Camellia jap. 'Carter's Sunburst' (pink)
Slow growing, upright evergreen shrub. Spectacular, semi-double to peony form medium pink blooms streaked with deeper pink in early spring.
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Camellia jap. 'Chandleri Elegans' (pink)
Slow growing, evergreen shrub. Spectacular, anemone-like blooms, rose-pink mottled with white in early spring.
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Camellia jap. 'Colonel Firey' (red)
Slow growing, dense, upright evergreen shrub. Spectacular, formal, dark red, very large blooms in winter.
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Camellia jap. 'Covina' (red)
Slow growing, upright evergreen shrub or tree. Large prolific rose-red double blooms on a dark green glossy foliage. Blooms in winter.
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Camellia jap. 'Debutante' (pink)
Upright evergreen shrub or tree. Medium sized, light pink peony flowered blooms in early spring.
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Camellia jap. 'Eleanor McCrown' (wht-pink)
Slow growing, upright evergreen. Beautiful, semi-double to anemone form white blooms streaked with red and pink in mid spring.
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