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Broadleaf & Deciduous Shrub

Leucothoe fontanesiana 'Nana'
Slow to medium growing, upright evergreen shrub with arching branches. Oblong lance-shaped glossy dark green leathery leaves. Cylindrical white flowers in drooping clusters in spring.
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Leucothoe keiskei 'Burning Love' ~NET~
Glossy, evergreen, narrow foliage with fiery red new growth. Matures to green in summer. Small racemes of white flowers in spring. Showy fall color of red to crimson. Dwarf habit is excellent in containers or the smaller garden.
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Leycesteria formosa 'Jealousy' ~NET~
Round shrub. Luminous chartreuse foliage and ample bushy architecture make create a year-round attraction in the landscape. In July, blooms appear and in the fall it produces berries.
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Ligustrum j. 'Korean Choice'
Compact, upright, evergreen shrub. Deep green semi-glossy foliage. Use as specimen, hedge, foundation planting, or sheared as topiary. Extremely tolerant of poor soils, salt sprays, and pollution.
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Ligustrum j. 'Texanum'
Fast growing, densely branched evergreen shrub. Glossy dark green foliage responds well to pruning. Profusion of white flowers in the spring. Useful hedge, screen, or windbreak.
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Ligustrum japonicum
Heavily branched, upright growing, evergreen shrub has glossy, dark green foliage. Makes a wonderful screen or hedge or can be trained as a small tree. Fragrant white flowers bloom spring and summer.
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Ligustrum v. 'Cheyenne'
Fast growing evergreen shrub with deep glossy green leaves. Fragrant white flowers in summer, followed by blue fruit. Will attract birds. Takes pruning well and can be maintained to any height.
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Ligustrum v. 'Lodense'
Moderate growing, mounding deciduous shrub. White flowers are followed by black berries. Excellent choice for a low hedge.
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Ligustrum x 'Suwannee River' ~NET~
Compact, mounding evergreen shrub. Lustrous, deep green foliage. White flowers bloom in spring. An excellent choice for a small hedge or foundation plantings.
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Ligustrum x vicaryi
Slow growing shrub is evergreen in mild climates. Erect stems hold bright golden leaves. Showy, fragrant, white bloom in the spring. Attracts bees and butterflies.
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Lonicera etrusca (pink-yellow)
Rapid growing, semi evergreen, weaving vine. Tolerates more sun than other honeysuckles. Clusters of fragrant, tubular, creamy colored flowers that fade to yellow flushed with red from mid-summer.
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Lonicera fragrantissima
Fast growing, wide spreading, irregularly rounded, deciduous shrub. Dull dark bluish-green leaves. Lemon scented, extremely fragrant, creamy white flowers tinged pink.
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Lonicera involucrata (yellow)
Dense, bushy, deciduous shrub. Tubular dark yellow with red flowers surrounded by large green bracts in late spring. Glossy black berries. Northwest Native. Will attract birds and hummingbirds. Tolerant of moist soil.
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Lonicera jap. 'Aureoreticulata'
Well-behaved climbing honeysuckle, unlike some of the more vigorous selections. Highly regarded for its beautiful display of small green leaves, brightly veined with golden-yellow. May be grown on a pole or trellis, or allowed to scramble as a groundcover. Fragrant white flowers appear in early summer.
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Lonicera kam. 'Blue Velvet'
Decidiuous shrub. Light blue to grey green leaves with showy, fragrant light pink flowers in spring, followed by red berries. Little water needed, good choice for high plains, and intermountain zones.
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Lonicera n. 'Baggesen's Gold'
Fast growing, low arching evergreen shrub. Leaves are golden in sun or chartruese in shade. May burn in hot after-noon sun. Fragrant creamy white flowers.
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Lonicera n. 'Lemon Beauty'
The broad upright branches on this well-behaved woody clumper have small narrow green leaves with yellow margins. In spring, the new growth has an attractive purplish brown cast. Nice substitute for boxwoods. Takes pruning well.
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Lonicera n. 'Red Tips'
Evergreen shrub. Attractive red new growth matures to green. Larger leaves than other honeysuckles. Small creamy white tubular flowers in late spring. Takes pruning well. Excellent for topiaries.
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Lonicera n. 'Silver Beauty'
Evergreen shrub with silver variegated foliage. Winter foliage may turn bronze. Tubular creamy white flowers in spring followed by purple berries.
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Lonicera nitida
Slow growing, erect, densely leafy evergreen shrub. Bronze to plum colored winter foliage. Fragrant creamy white flowers in June followed by bluish-purple berries.
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Lonicera nitida 'Twiggy' ~NET~
Compact evergreen shrub for low hedges, mass plantings, and erosion control. Very slow growing and finely textured box honeysuckle with bronze winter hues.
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Lonicera per. 'Berries Jubilee'  (yellow)
Rapid growing, twining, evergreen vine. Whorls of 2 inch long, fragrant, flowers with purple on the outside and yellow on the inside bloom in the summer. Red berries follow.
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Lonicera per. 'Harlequin'
A climber with gorgeous, variegated foliage that is green, edged in cream, frequently with pink highlights. Yellow and pink fragrant flowers bloom from June to October. This is a more compact, slower growing Honeysuckle. Best in moist, well-drained soil.
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Lonicera pileata
Slow growing, broad spreading semi-evergreen shrub with low, spreading horizontal branches. Dark green privet -like leaves. Small fragrant white flowers in May. Translucent violet-purple berries.
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Lonicera t. 'Arnold's Red'
Neat, compact, gracefully arching, deciduous vine. Cool, blue green leaves. Fragrant, deep red flowers. Bright red berries.
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Lonicera xy. x  'Clavey's Dwarf'
Rounded, deciduous shrub is an excellent, low maintenance border, accent or small hedge. Compact foliage is gray-green. Yellowish-white spring flowers are followed by red berries in fall. Slow growing, densely branched, deciduous shrub grows to 3'. Rich, moist soil
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Loropetalum chin. 'Burgundy' (pink)
Mounding evergreen matures into a small tree shape. Foliage colors vary from greenish-purple, purple-red, to ruby-red. Rich salmon-pink strap-like flowers bloom heaviest from March to April. Use as an accent, screen or hedge. Rich, moist, well-drained soil is prefered.
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Loropetalum chin. 'Daybreaks Flame' (pink)
Fast growing, irregularly mounding evergreen shrub. Pinkish new leaves change to green. Hot-pink fringed flowers in spring.
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Loropetalum chin. 'Fire Dance' (pink)
Fast growing, spreading, gracefully arching, evergreen shrub. Burgandy red leaves. Hot pink flowers bloom profusely in spring and sporadically throughout the growing season.
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Loropetalum chin. 'Green' (white-pink)
Fast growing, spreading, gracefully arching, evergreen shrub. Oval mid-green leaves. Fragrant spider-like white or pink blooms flower profusely in spring and sporadically throughout the growing season.
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Loropetalum chin. 'Pipa's Red' (rose)
Fast growing, iregularly rounded, somewhat compact evergreen shrub. Reddish gold new leaves mature to green. Rosy pink flowers in March.
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Loropetalum chin. 'Plum Delight' (pink)
Fast growing, irregularly rounded, somewhat compact evergreen shrub. Reddish purple leaves. Hot pink flowers in March.
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Loropetalum chin. 'Razzleberri' (red)
Moderate growing evergreem shrub. Burgandy leaves mature to olive green. Clusters of red fringed flowers appear throughout the year.
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Loropetalum chin. 'Rubrum' (pink) ~NET
Fast growing, evergreen shrub. Stringy pink or white blooms in spring. Burgandy colored foliage.
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Loropetalum chin. 'Sizzling Pink'
Moderately growing, wide spreading horizontally branched evergreen shrub. Deep burgandy new growth remains purple all year. Clusters of rich pink flowers repeat through the year.
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Loropetalum chin. 'Snow Panda' (white)
Evergreen shrub is loosely vase-shaped with arching branches. Stunning snow white flowers in late winter and early spring, highlighted by sage green foliage. Use as a colorful accent in borders and containers.
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Loropetalum chin.'Snow Dance' (white)
Medium growing, evergreen, irregularly rounded shrub. New leaves are burgundy tinged, maturing to olive green. White fringe-like flowers appear several times per year.
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Loropetalum chinense
Broad-leaved evergreen shrub. Lightly aromatic, spidery flowers bloom in clusters in spring. Pink to red flowers have four narrow, downward-drooping, strap-shaped petals.
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Loropetalum chinensis 'Purple Diamond' PP18331
Rich purple evergreen foliage with a compact habit. May lose leaves in harsh winters. Frilly pink flowers in spring and again in summer. Prune after bloom time. Excellent as a hedge or in mass planting. Drought tolerant once established.
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Loropetalum chinensis 'Purple Pixie' PP18441
Rich purple evergreen foliage with a weeping habit. May lose leaves in harsh winters. Frilly pink flowers in spring and again in summer. Prune after bloom time. Excellent in containers or as a groundcover. Drought tolerant once established.
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