Located in Oregon's Willamette Valley, we are wholesale growers committed to providing a large, year-round selection of over 2000 varieties of high-quality plant material; readily available to professionals in the landscape and nursery trade.
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Broadleaf & Deciduous Shrub

Weigela f. 'Pink Princess' (bright pink)
Rounded, very hardy, deciduous shrub with arching branches. Branches are covered with funnel-shaped, bright pink flowers that are loved by hummingbirds.
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Weigela f. 'Red Prince' (red)
Deciduous shrub has erect, slender stems which arch at maturity. Lush green foliage. Rich red tubular flowers bloom in the spring and rebloom through the summer.
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Weigela f. 'Rubidor'
Deciduous shrub with yellow new growth that matures to chartreuse. Rosy red trumpet shaped flowers contrast nicely. Will attract hummingbirds. Showy in bloom.
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Weigela f. 'Tuxedo'™
Compact deciduous shrub. Masses of pure white blooms against dark purple to black foliage. Color contrast will stand out in any garden. Fragrant blooms will attract hummingbirds and butterflies.
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Weigela f. 'Variegata' (pink)
Compact, rounded deciduous shrub has soft green, creamy white edged new leaves. In late spring, branches are covered with funnel-shaped, pale pink flowers. Use as a hedge, specimen or in a shrub border.
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Weigela f. 'Wine and Roses' PW PP#10772
Compact, well branched deciduous shrub. Glossy, dark, burgundy-purple leaves. Hot rose pink, tubular flowers bloom from May to June.
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Wisteria macrostachya 'Betty Matthews' (purple) FE ~NET~
Long racemes of sweetly fragrant lavender-blue flowers appear in June. Most floriferous in full sun. Perfect for training over an arbor or pergola. Also known as Betty Matthews.
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Yucca elata
Slow growing, clumping, evergreen perennial/ shrub with a single or branched trunk. Sword-like leaves. White summer flowers bloom on very tall spikes.
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Yucca fil. 'Bright Edge' (Variegated)
Evergreen shrub with golden-yellow margined, sword-like foliage. Tall flower spikes in summer produce creamy-white, bell-shaped blooms.
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Yucca fil. 'Color Guard' (Variegated)
Broadleaf evergreen shrub. Foliage is striped with yellow inside and green edging. Fragrant white flower spikes in summer. Deer resistant. Drought tolerant.
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Yucca fil. 'Garland Gold' (Variegated)
Large evergreen rosette of leathery sword-shaped leaves, grey-green along the edges with a wide yellow center. When mature, the rosettes produce a very tall spike loaded with large, fragrant creamy-white flowers in late summer.
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Yucca fil. 'Golden Sword' (Variegated)
Broadleaf evergreen shrub. Sword-shaped foliage with green centers and yellow margins. Fragrant white flower spikes in summer. Drought tolerant. Deer resistant
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Yucca fil. 'Hofer's Blue'
Evergreen shrub. Sword-like light blue foliage in spring, turns an outstanding bluish green in fall. Creamy white flower spikes in late summer. Needs well drained soil. Drought tolerant once established.
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Yucca fil. 'Ivory Tower'
Broadleaf evergreen shrub. Sharply pointed, sword-like green foliage. Makes an interesting mass planting, accent or border. Tall flower spikes in summer produce creamy-white, bell-shaped blooms.
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Yucca fil. 'Variegata'
Broadleaf evergreen shrub. Sword-like variegated foliage with grey-green margins and creamy centers. Spectacular bell-shaped, creamy white flowers in late spring. Tall flower stalks can reach up to 4 feet tall. Excellent in containers or when planted in a rock garden.
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Yucca filamentosa
Broadleaf evergreen shrub. Tall white flower spikes from June to July. Sword-shaped, green leaves have a blue cast. Drought Tolerant. Deer Resistant. Tolerant of poor, sandy soils. Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds.
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Yucca glauca
Broadleaf evergreen shrub. Leaves are narrow and linear, grayish or glaucous green, with a narrow white edge, with few fibers. Drought tolerant once established.
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Yucca gloriosa
Moderate growing, multi-trunked evergreen perennial/shrub. Will tolerate heat and hot sun. Soft leaf point will not penetrate the skin. White blooms in late summer. Will tolerate drought when well established.
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Yucca rec. 'Pendula'
Broadleaf evergreen shrub. Attractive blue-green foliage grows upright and curves downwards. Sharp tipped foliage. Tall spikes of creamy white fragrant blooms in summer. Blooms will attract wildlife. Drought tolerant once established.
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Yucca rostrara 'Sapphire Skies'
Broadleaf evergreen shrub. Striking baby blue, stiff leaves form an impressive crown atop an elegant trunk. Use as a bold architectural statement in the garden. Great in containers. Drought tolerant once established.
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