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Broadleaf & Deciduous Shrub

Euonymus j. 'Silver Queen'
Moderate grower. Tolerates heat,full sun and poor soils. Large, glossy, leathery leaves have creamy-white margins. Excellent hedge or low screen when grouped together
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Euonymus k. 'Manhattan'
Medium to fast growing, formal appearing evergreen to semi-evergreen shrub. Dark green leaves back attractive pinkish fruit in fall.
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Fern, Blechnum spicant - Deer
Evergreen fern with short, creeping rhizomes. Sterile fronds; dark green narrow and spreading. Fertile fronds stiffly erect; very narrow.
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Fern, Polystichum polyblepharum -Tassel
Handsome, upright, fronds are dark green. Landscape use for shaded rock gardens or shaded perennial beds. Semi-evergreen.
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Forsythia x int. 'Gold Tide'
Abundant yellow flowers in early spring before leaves emerge. Prune after bloom time to maintain. Its dwarf habit make it an excellent choice for a low hedge or on a slope. Makes a showy statement when planted in mass.
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Forsythia x int. 'Lynwood Gold'
Fast growing, upright deciduous shrub. Deep yellow flowers along upright branches in early spring. Good cut flower for forcing in early spring.
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Forsythia x int. 'Spring Glory'
Deciduous shrub with deep yellow flowers along upright branches in early spring. Good cut flower.
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Forsythia x intermedia 'Karl Sax'
Upright deciduous shrub with large golden yellow flowers in spring. Attractive arching sprays abundant with blooms. Earlier blooming than other forsythias. Prune after bloom time to maintain shape.
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Forsythia x intermedia Show Off® Starlet PW PP24361
Improved Show Off variety. Golden yellow blooms from the ground to the tip in spring. More compact habit requires little pruning. Drought tolerant once established.
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Fruit, Blueberry 'Biloxi' (S.hyb/Early)
Light blue fruit, with a mottled appearance. Average flavor, with a medium scar and firm fruit. Biloxi has a habit of producing late spring flowering and a second harvest, during January and February.
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Fruit, Blueberry 'Blue Crop'
A great choice for consistent yields of medium sized berries that are full of flavor. Produces in mid-season. Also has excellent bright red fall color.
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Fruit, Blueberry 'Blue Gold' (N. hyb/Mid)
Large clusters of sky blue berries. Deliciously sweet flavor. This compact blueberry is ideal for the smaller garden or space. Showy in fall with yellow winter wood.
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Fruit, Blueberry 'BlueJay' (N.Hyb/Early-Mid)
This extremely vigorous variety will grow almost twice as fast as most other blueberries. Long clusters of light blue berries stay on the stem without loss of quality, making it ideal for freezing, canning, and baking.
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Fruit, Blueberry 'Blueray'
Delicious bright blue berries are great for fresh eating or preserving. Berries are preceded by rosy pink flowers in early spring.
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Fruit, Blueberry 'Brigitta'
A medium size berry with a sweet tangy flavor. Amazing shelf life, allowing it to be stored up to one month. Will retain freshness long after harvesting. Bronze new leaves become deep green when mature then burgundy in fall.
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Fruit, Blueberry 'Camellia' (S.Hyb./Mid)
Large berries with excellent flavor and a very pronounced "tropical fruit" aroma. Relatively late flowering for a mid- to early-season variety. Excellent plant vigor under field and high density growth conditions.
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Fruit, Blueberry 'Carteret'PPAF (S.Hyb./Mid)
Medium sized fruit with a superior flavor and sweetness. High-bush with low winter chilling. Self-fertile, but more productive with a pollinator.
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Fruit, Blueberry 'Chandler' (N.hyb/Mid)
Very large, sky blue berries with excellent flavor. Holds the title for world's largest blueberry. Can get up the size of a quarter. Has a long ripening season.
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Fruit, Blueberry 'Draper' PP#15103 (N.Hyb./Mid)
Northern highbush. Large, powder-blue berry with a crisp sweet flavor and excellent firmness. Newer variety that is excellent for the home gardener.
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Fruit, Blueberry 'Duke'
Large, light blue berry with a mildly sweet flavor. Heavy and consistent producer. One of the earliest to ripen. Bright orange and yellow fall color.
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Fruit, Blueberry 'Earliblue'
An early maturing variety with medium to large, firm, light blue berries. Excellent, mild sweet full flavor. Small picking scar; crack resistant. Avoid poorly drained soils. Best in northern areas.
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Fruit, Blueberry 'Elliot'  VLS
Large, firm fruits with delicious sweet flavor produces for weeks. Self-pollinating, but best production with cross-pollination from other varieties. Red fall color.
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Fruit, Blueberry 'Herbert' (N.Hyb./Late)
Late midseason. Large, flat, dark-blue fruit. Excellent sweet-tart blueberry flavor. Vigorous, productive, slightly spreading deciduous shrub.
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Fruit, Blueberry 'Ivanhoe' (N.Hyb./Early)
Large to very large berries with firm crisp flesh and an excellent, sweet tart flavor. High dessert quality; resistant to cracking. Very vigorous tall, upright bush. Heavy annual bearer. Ripens Mid-season.
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Fruit, Blueberry 'Jersey' (N.Hyb./Late)
A highland variety, this blueberry exhibited large blue berries in summer, with a rich taste and large yields. Beautiful pinkish white flowers appear in early spring before the berry set.
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Fruit, Blueberry 'Legacy' (N.Hyb./Mid-Late)
Vigorous, spreading deciduous shrub. Fruit is large, high dessert quality, ripening in midseason; good for freezing. Best for hand-picking. Prefers well-drained, acid soil high in organic material.
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Fruit, Blueberry 'Liberty' PP#15146
Very late ripening variety with high fresh market quality intended for areas where northern highbush varieties are grown successfully. Plants of Liberty are vigorous and upright. Canes are numerous, moderately branched and the fruit are well exposed. Its berries are moderately large, have small, dry picking scars, excellent powder-blue color, delicious flavor and excellent firmness.
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Fruit, Blueberry 'Misty' (S.Hyb./Early)
A southern highbush form, this blueberry has powdery blue berries that ripen in summer. The sweet fruit is excellent for fresh eating or for preserving.
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Fruit, Blueberry 'Paloma' (S.Hyb./Early)
Upright, spreading, extremely vigorous, deciduous shrub. Paloma is the earliest ripening of the southern highbush. Medium-sized fruit.
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Fruit, Blueberry 'Pink Lemonade' (S.Hyb./Mid-Late)
Compact deciduous shrub. The delicious berries add sweetness and delectable color to desserts. white-pink flowers in spring and crisp red-orange foliage in autumn. Ripen mid- to late season. Self-pollinating, but bigger yield when planted with other varieties.
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Fruit, Blueberry 'Reka' (N.Hyb./Early)
Early season blueberry that it is very vigorous, growing well on a wide variety of soils and more tolerant of wetter sites than any of the others. Fruit ripens in similar season to Duke, but the berries have better flavor. Fruit is a dark blue color.
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Fruit, Blueberry 'Rubel' (N.Hyb./Mid-Late)
Rubel has retained its rich antioxidant content (twice that of other varieties) and unequalled, sweet, intense flavor. The vigorous, upright bushes consistently produce high yields of smaller to medium berries. Self-pollinating, but will produce better if more than one variety is planted. Plants reach maturity in 5-6 seasons and produce 5-10 pounds of fruit annually.
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Fruit, Blueberry 'Spartan' (N.Hyb./Early)
A great variety to use for fresh eating, Spartan will produce beautiful large berries that are very flavorful and have a lovely powdery blue color. Fall color is a pretty blend of oranges and yellows.
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Fruit, Blueberry 'Sweet Heart' (S.hyb./Early-Late)
Great variety of blueberry that sets exceptionally sweet and plump fruit in summer and again in fall. Creamy white flowers bloom in spring and summer. Brilliant red fall color.
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Fruit, Blueberry 'Top Hat' (Wild-LowBush/Mid)
A truly dwarf blueberry that is ideal for small areas and is an excellent choice for growing edibles in containers. Produces a plentiful supply of plump blue berries that are sweet and flavorful. Great for fresh eating or for making desserts and jams.
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Fruit, Blueberry 'Toro' (N.Hyb./Mid)
An edible plant as well as a highly ornamental one. Berries are large and flavorful and are borne in large clusters. The spring blossoms start out as a lovely bright pink color and will gradually mature to white. Fall color is a beautiful mixture of bright reds and yellows, all on a bush that stays compact and bushy.
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Fruit, Elderberries 'Nova'
Huge clusters of creamy white flowers in late spring. Followed by intensely flavored purple fruit with a rich aroma. Ripens in August. Great for pies, jelly, and wine. Self-fruitful, however harvest may increase when cross pollinated.
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Fruit, Elderberries 'York'
Huge clusters of creamy white flowers in late spring. Followed by intensely flavored purple fruit with a rich aroma. Ripens later than Nova. Great for pies, jelly, and wine. Self-fruitful, however harvest may increase when cross pollinated.
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Fruit, Raspberry 'Amity'
Everbearing raspberry with large, dark red fruit. In late spring to early summer its erect prickly stems produce a modest number of sweet dark red medium-sized berries, followed in late summer by a much heavier crop. More resistant to root rot and aphids and can take somewhat heavier soils than other raspberries.
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Fuchsia 'Delta's Sarah'
Large, semi-double flowers with striking violet to blue and white blooms. Bushy, upright form comes back year after year. Excellent in shade gardens or in containers.
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