Located in Oregon's Willamette Valley, we are wholesale growers committed to providing a large, year-round selection of over 2000 varieties of high-quality plant material; readily available to professionals in the landscape and nursery trade.
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Broadleaf & Deciduous Shrub

Spiraea j. 'Flaming Mound'
Deciduous, mounded shrub. Deep pink flowers bloom in the summer. Brilliant red new growth ages to bright yellow-green. Orange-red fall color.
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Spiraea j. 'Lemon Princess'
Compact, upright, mounding deciduous shrub. Pink flowers bloom in clusters in May-June. Yellow foliage matures to yellow-green becoming orange and red in the fall.
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Spiraea j. 'Little Princess'
Deciduous shrub. Clusters of light rose pink flowers bloom summer through fall when dead-headed. Green foliage becomes red-hued in the fall. Attracts butterflies.
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Spiraea j. 'Magic Carpet' (PP#9363)
Compact deciduous shrub. New growth emerges red and ages to golden yellow followed by red fall color. Clusters of pink flowers bloom in the spring and can continue until fall if dead-headed.
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Spiraea j. 'Neon Flash'
Deciduous shrub with bright pink clusters of flowers that bloom in the spring and continue blooming for a long period when dead-headed. Green foliage turns deep burgundy in the fall.
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Spiraea n. 'Snowmound'
Compact deciduous shrub. Clusters of white flowers bloom heavily in spring. Attracts butterflies. Recipient of an Award or Garden Merit from the Royal Horticulture Society.
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Spiraea x b. 'Anthony Waterer'
Compact deciduous shrub. Rosy-pink flowers bloom in Summer in clusters. New foliage is reddish purple when it emerges, and matures to blue-green.
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Spiraea x b. 'Goldflame'
Upright, mounding deciduous shrub. Red flowers bloom in the summer. Bronze foliage matures to yellow and turns red-orange in fall.
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Spiraea x b. 'Goldmound'
Mounding deciduous shrub. Golden yellow new foliage ages to yellow-green and then in the fall turns orange-yellow. Flowers are pink in late spring.
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Spiraea x b. Superstar™ FIRST EDITIONS® PP22432
Smaller, naturally dwarf spirea that requires minimal pruning. New growth emerges scarlet, maturing to a dark green, brilliant bronze in fall. Showy clusters of pink blossoms in summer.
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Spiraea x vanhouttei
Deciduous shrub with blue-green foliage. white clusters of flowers bloom profusely along gracefully arching branches. Attracts butterflies.
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Spiraea x vanhouttei Firegold® FIRST EDITIONS® PP19308
Deciduous shrub. New growth emerges a soft yellow, maturing to a brilliant lime green. Prolific white flowers bloom in spring on arching branches. Attracts butterflies.
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Spiraea x vanhouttei 'Renaissance'
Graceful, deciduous shrub. Blue-green foliage has an orange-red fall color. White clusters of flowers, bloom profusely in mid spring. Attracts bees and butterflies.
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Symphoricarpos albus
Deciduous shrub. Small, pink, urn-shaped flowers bloom from May to June. White berries in winter attract birds. Deep roots help control erosion.
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Symphoricarpos orbiculatus
Attractive, arching, deciduous shrub. Small pinkish yellow flowers in spring. Scarlet berries in fall to late winter. Will attract birds, however berries are toxic to humans.
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Syringa p. 'Miss Kim' (purple)
Small, upright, deciduous tree/ shrub. Purple buds opening to light blue flowers in the spring. Excellent powdery mildew resistance.
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Syringa vulgaris 'Mme. Lemoine' (white)
Deciduous shrub. Compact, conical clusters of double white flowers bloom in the spring. Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies. Excellent cut flowers.
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Syringa vulgaris 'Sensation' PP#1242 (wh-prp)
Upright, deciduous shrub. Large trusses of fragrant, purple florets edged in white, are borne in spring. Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies. Excellent cut flower.
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Syringa x. pres. 'Donald Wyman' (purple)
Moderate growing, upright, dense, deciduous shrub. Purple buds open to single, red-purple fragrant flowers in early to mid-June. Attractive to bees and butterflies. Average water needs.
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Trachelospermum asiaticum
Vigorous twining or sprawling shruby evergreen vine. Fragrant creamy yellow flowers bloom in the summer. Foliage is leathery, dark green, and glossy.
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Trachelospermum jasminoides 'Variegata' ~NET~
Evergreen climber with a unique color variation of creamy white and green, tipped with pink. Fragrant showy white flowers bloom in summer. Left unstaked, will grow as a groundcover.
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Vaccinium o. 'Thunderbird'
Upright evergreen shrub with glossy, dark green foliage. Small white-pink flowers in the spring. Bears excellent crops of tasty fruit.
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Vaccinium ovatum
Evergreen shrub with glossy dark green foliage and red-orange new growth. White or pinkish flowers in March-May. Black berries with whitish bloom. Good for jams, jellies, and pies. Oregon native.
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Vaccinium parvifolium
Erect, deciduous shrub. Edible bright red fruit. Small, oval, green leaves sometimes will persist through the winter.
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Viburnum burkwoodii
Upright, semi-evergreen shrub. Pinkish-white flowers bloom in April. Fruit changes from green to red to black by fall.
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Viburnum carlesii
Slow-growing, rounded, upright, deciduous shrub. Pink-reddish buds open to spicy fragrant white flowers that grow in clusters. Green foliage turns red/purple in the fall.
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Viburnum carlesii 'Compacta' ~NET~
Deciduous shrub with pink-reddish buds open to showy fragrant white flowers in spring. Blue-black berries in summer. More compact than the species. Red to burgundy fall color.
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Viburnum davidii
Compact evergreen shrub with dark green foliage. Pinkish white flowers open in late spring followed by dark blue berries. Drought tolerant once established.
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Viburnum o. 'Nanum'
Dwarf, deciduous shrub know for dense mounding habit. Generally bears no fruit or flowers. Leaves are red-tinged when they emerge.
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Viburnum o. 'Roseum'
Deciduous shrub. Profuse, large, snowball-like flower clusters appear late spring to early summer. Red fall color. Attracts butterflies.
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Viburnum p.t. 'Mariesii'
Broadly rounded, deciduous shrub. Double rows of white flowers in mid spring and ornamental red fruit in fall.
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Viburnum p.t. 'Summer Snowflake' (COPF)
Compact, deciduous shrub. White flowers on new growth from spring to fall. Ornamental red fruit in fall.
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Viburnum rhytidophyllum 'Allegheny'
Dense, upright semi-evergreen shrub. Yellowish-white flowers in spring, followed by red berries that later turn black.
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Viburnum tinus 'Robustum'
Slow to moderate growing, dense, rounded, upright, evergreen shrub. Highly prized dark green foliage. Fragrant white flowers are blushed pink.
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Viburnum tinus 'Spring Bouquet'
Dense, compact, evergreen shrub. Red flower buds open to fragrant, pinkish-white flowers from January to February.
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Viburnum tri. 'Alfredo'
Compact, rounded form of American Cranberry Bush. Attractive green leaves turn excellent red in fall. Scarlet berries.
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Viburnum x bodnantense 'Dawn' (Pink)
Upright, deciduous shrub. Deeply veined green leaves. Scarlet fall colors. Rose colored buds open to pink, fragrant blooms in early spring.
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Weigela f. 'Bristol Ruby' (red)
Deciduous shrub with erect, arching branches. Ruby-red flowers cover the plant in late May and June.
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Weigela f. 'Carnaval'
Compact, rounded deciduous shrub has soft green, creamy white edged new leaves. In late spring, branches are covered with funnel-shaped, pale pink flowers. Use as a hedge, specimen, or in a shrub border.
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