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Abies alba 'Pendula'
Extremely pendulous evergreen tree with a cascading heavy image. Leaves are lustrous dark green above with two white bands underneath. Requires heavy moisture in soil and atmosphere.
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Abies concolor 'Blue Cloak' ~NET~
Upright, pyramidal, evergreen conifer with intense, powder blue foliage. Needles are bluer than other white firs with a gentle weeping effect. Drought tolerant once established.
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Abies concolor 'Select' ~NET~
A upright pyramid that is a fairly vigorous grower. Its long, slightly curved neeldes are typical of the concolors, and help to accentuate the full bodied character, while creating a softer look. This medium grower is a very nice fit with companion perennials and flowers in the medium or large garden.
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Abies grandis
Fast growing, conical to columnar tree with slightly drooping branches. Flat spray of glossy deep green needles with white lines beneath. One of the largest firs, bearing upright cones. A common Christmas Tree.
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Abies kor. 'Horstmann's Silberlocke'
Slow growing, irregularly branching, compact, small statured coniferous tree. Dark green needles curling up to reveal bright silver lower surface. Most notable feature are its rich violet-purple cones, 2-3" long and 1" wide that occur on 3-5 ft high plants.
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Abies lasiocarpa
Slow growing, upright, narrowly steeple-shaped evergreen tree. Pale bluish green needles with a white underside. Cones are dark purple, 2 to 4 inches oblong-cylindric.
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Abies nordmanniana
Dense, pyramidal conifer with attractive and aromatic, flattened dark green, blunt needles. Large, upright dark reddish cones will disinegrate when seeds ripen. Retains needles well, making it an excellent Christmas tree.
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Abies pinsapo 'Glauca'
Slow growing evergreen conifer, upright, conical shaped. Stiff blue grey 1/2 - 3/4 in long needles make up a dense symmetrical form. Native to Spain
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Abies procera
Slow to medium growing, symmetrical, pyramidal, coniferous evergreen tree. Grooved bluish-green needles slightly notched at the tip. Short, uniformly spaced branches, cones are 6 to 10 in long. Commonly used as a living Christmas tree.
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Abies sibirica
Large conical conifer. New growth starts out bright green and fade to a medium green. Very aromatic needles.
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Araucaria araucana
Medium growing, rounded conifer with a stiff growing habit that loses its lower branches when old. Leaves radially arranged, triangular-ovate leathery, bright then dark green, cones are pineapple shaped, heavy, spiny, 6 inches long.
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Cedrus atl. 'Fastigiata' ~NET~
Narrow, Upright form. Large, stately coniferous tree with attractive green needles. Prefers well drained-soil.
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Cedrus atl. 'Glauca'
Evergreen conifer with a strong leader, pyrimidal in youth becoming flat topped in maturity. Ascending horizontal branches with steel blue foliage. In moist well drained soil can tolerate clay, and is drought tolerant once established.
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Cedrus atl. 'Glauca Pendula'
Slow to moderate growing, open branched, pyramidal evergreen conifer with spreading branches. Weeping branchlets display icy- blue needles, use as a large specimen or accent, stake to develop a central leader. Prefers moist well drained deep soil. Protect from intense wind.
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Cedrus d. 'Aurea'
Slow to moderate growing, bold, pyramidal coniferous evergreen. Attractive golden yellow needles, maturing to a golden green, terrific for use as a landscape speciman. Prefers well-drained somewhat dry soil.
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Cedrus d. 'Aurea Wells'
Evergreen tree, broadly pyramidal with graceful, pendulous branches. Plant is covered with golden foliage. Takes pruning well. Makes an excellent accent plant.
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Cedrus d. 'Deep Cove'
Slow growing, small, upright, pyramidal, coniferous evergreen tree. New needles emerge creamy-white and last for about 2 to 4 weeks before turning deep golden. Matures to deep green.
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Cedrus d. 'Divinely Blue'
Dwarf mounding evergreen conifer. Small flat-topped conifer with dark blue foliage that contrast beautifully with new pale gray-green growth. Ideal soil is well drained and somewhat dry.
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Cedrus d. 'Electra'
Moderate growth, conical, upright coniferous evergreen. Very striking, powder blue foliage. Also called 'Bush's Electra'.
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Cedrus d. 'Feelin Blue'
Dwarf prostrate evergreen conifer. This graceful powder blue prostrate conifer is a nice addition to the Cedrus deodaras. This would be a welcome change for a blue ground cover, that unlike juniper, will not get phytophora.
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Cedrus d. 'Gerards Weeping'
Graceful weeping cedar with silver-green foliage. Slow growing. Uncommon Variety.
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Cedrus d. 'Karl Fuchs'
Evergreen conifer with an upright pyramidal form. Blue new growth fades to green. More cold hardy than others in the species.
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Cedrus d. 'Kashmir'
Fast growing, graceful, pyramidal, coniferous evergreen tree with graceful horizontal branching. Blue green needles, tolerates sandy or clay soils but not standing water. Shelter from strong winds.
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Cedrus d. 'Lime Glow' ~NET~
Dwarf mounding evergreen conifer. Small flat-topped conifer with dark blue foliage that contrasts beautifully with new pale gray-green growth.
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Cedrus d. 'Pendula'
Spreading evergreen shrub or tree. Long dark blue-green needles. Tumbling pendulous growth. Likes well-drained soil.
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Cedrus d. 'Prostrate Beauty'
Dwarf mounding conifer, spreading horizontally nearly flat when young, developing a leader with age. Rich blue-green foliage with branch tips that dangle downward. extremely adaptable to a wide range of soil types, however will not tolerate soggy soils.
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Cedrus d. 'Raywood's Contorted'
A contorted form of Himalayan Cedar. Tree grows upright with horizantal branches. All stems have contorted ends. Foliage color is blue-green.
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Cedrus d. 'Silver Mist'
Dwarf conical weeping cedar. Silvery-white needles on pendulous branches, Lightest colored deodaras. A rare and striking plant.
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Cedrus d. 'Snow Sprite'
This irregularly mounding conifer has ivory white new growth and matures to a creamy yellow. Yellow foliage performs best in partial shade. A central leader may form over time, but can be pruned to maintain shape.
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Cedrus d. 'Twisted Growth'
Slow growing, medium sized pyramidal coniferous evergreen. Blue green needles are contorted on twisted branches.
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Cedrus d. 'Verticillata Glauca'
Fast growing, upright, pyramidal evergreen conifer. Bright blue needles on limbs that do not weep on the ends. Looks like Atlantica glauca with soft needles.
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Cedrus d. 'Wells Golden'
Pyramidal evergreen conifer with multiple stems. Golden needles on limbs mature to green. Beautiful bold specimen.
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Cedrus deodara
Moderate growing, large pyramidal, coniferous evergreen with graceful arching branches. Attractive silvery gray-green foliage, give plenty of room in landscape. Wonderful living Christmas tree.
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Cedrus libani
Slow growing, coniferous tree with wide spreading branches; pyramidal when young. Pointed, dark green needles ; often lustrous. A Grand and picturesque specimen tree of unrivaled distinction.
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Cedrus libani 'Argentea'
Slow growing tree with thick trunk and wide spreading branches. Attractive silvery blue foliage.
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Cedrus libani 'Beacon Hill'
Gracefully weeping, dense, dwarf conifer. lovely light to dark green needles. Ultimate height and width will depend on staking. Deer Resistant.
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Cedrus libani 'Pendula'
Slow growing, small tree with weeping branches. Height depends on training (staking) or grafting height. Dense pendulous branches are covered with dark green needles.
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Cedrus libani 'Stenocoma'
Conifer, evergreen, conical habit at first then more columnar. Branches have slightly nodding tips. Extremely hardy variety. The size of needles and cones are said to be intermediate between those of C. libani and C. atlantica.
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Cephalotaxus harringtonia 'Duke Gardens'
Upswept arching branches and spreads in an oval to rounded shape. A dwarf vase-shaped, low growing Japanese Plum Yew. Leaves are a lustrous dark green throughout the season. Requires well-drained soil.
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Cephalotaxus harringtonia 'Fastigiata'
Evergreen, upright shrub. Slow growing with 2" black-green needles arranged spirally around the stem. Also know as a Cowtail Pine.
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Chamaecyparis law. 'Blue Surprise'
An upright, columnar evergreen conifer with dazzling blue follage. Prefers full sun well-drained soil.
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Chamaecyparis law. 'Ellwood's Pillar'
Pyramidal, columnar conifer. A very attractive narrow, slow growing evergreen conifer. With feathery bluish-grey foliage. Requires moist, but well-drained soil.
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Chamaecyparis law. 'Elwoodii'
Dwarfed slow growing conical evergreen with blue-green foliage. Upright, densely arranged with ascending branches.
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Chamaecyparis law. 'Gold King'
Medium growing, upright pyramidal coniferous tree. Gold tipped foliage makes this a good specimen tree.
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Chamaecyparis law. 'Green Globe'
Columnar evergreen conifer. Tiny relative of the magnificent Port Orford Cedar. Attractive mound of tiny dark green fans. A slow-growing rounded bush with dense rich green foliage. Very little trimming is needed to shape this one as it naturally grows in a ball.
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Chamaecyparis law. 'Oregon Blue'
Medium growing, narrowely columnar coniferous tree. Blue green leaves on short, ascending branches, drooping at the tips and ending in flat sprays.
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Chamaecyparis law. 'Rimpelaar'
Compact-spherical and globose. A miniature conifer with marvelous blue-grey juvenile foliage. Compact-spherical structure. The needles are remarkably short and very decorative.
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Chamaecyparis law. 'Treasure Island'
Compact, dwarf, gold-tipped conifer. Forms a dense rounded cone. Brilliant yellow foliage covers this rare selection year-round. Requires well drained soil.
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Chamaecyparis law. 'Van Peltz Blue'
Upright, columnar coniferous tree. One of the bluest conifers available.
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Chamaecyparis law. 'Wissel's Saguro'
Columnar evergreen conifer. The leaves are blue-green in color and are very congested. The plant grows slowly with the arms going out, then up.
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