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Deciduos Azaleas
Azalea dec. 'Arneson's Gem' (red-orange) ~NET~
Red buds with yellow streaks open to a flower with a vivid yellow throat. Shading to a strong reddish-orange at the margins. Habit is upright and spreading. Mildew resistant. Hardy to at least -15 degrees F.
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Azalea dec. 'Cannon Double' (white) ~NET~
HABIT:Round/Mounding --SIZE:Moderate growing to 6 ft. tall, 4 ft. wide. --HARDINESS:Hardy to -20 degrees F* (USDA ZONE 5) --EXPOSURE:Partial sun, well drained soil. --DESCRIPTION: multi-layered petals colored peach, pink, and cream. The foliage is very dark green with red-bronze highlights in fall. Deciduous
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Azalea dec. 'Fireball' (red) ~NET~
Reddish-green foliage with firey red-orange blooms mid to late season.
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Azalea dec. 'Frilly Yellow' ~NET~
Very double, frilled lemon yellow flowers on a dense upright plant that will be about 4' by 4'. It blooms in May and is hardy to -15°. This will become a favorite in your garden.
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Azalea dec. 'Gibraltar' (orange) ~NET~
HABIT: Upright --SIZE: Grows 5 ft tall, 3-4 ft wide. --HARDINESS: Hardy to -20 degrees F* (USDA ZONE 5) --EXPOSURE:Full sun to partial shade. Well drained soil. --DESCRIPTION: Frilled, fragrant bright orange flowers tinted with red and gold in May.
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Azalea dec. 'Homebush' (pink) ~NET~
Medium grower, stays compact and full. Flower clusters are deep carmine pink.
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Azalea dec. 'Irene Koster' (pink) ~NET~
Rose pink medium flower. Nicely scented bloom. Medium to large grower.
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Azalea dec. 'Klondyke' (orange) ~NET~
Large green foliage with orange and yellow flowers.
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Azalea dec. 'Lights Candy'™ (pink) ~NET~
Showy deciduous azalea. Extremely fragrant pale pink blooms with yellow streaks in late spring. Disease resistant.
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Azalea dec. 'Lights Golden' (yellow) ~NET~
HABIT: Round/Mounding/Compact --SIZE: Grows to 6 ft. tall, 4 ft. wide. Moderate grower --HARDINESS: Hardy to -40 degrees F* (USDA ZONE 3) --EXPOSURE: sun to partial shade. Well drained soil. Pruning time: spring after flowering --DESCRIPTION: captivating fragrant, apricot yellow flowers. In fall, reddish and bronze foliage highlights this deciduous shrub.
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Azalea dec. 'Lights Lemon' (yellow) ~NET~
Yellow flower, almost bi-color with golden yellow and lighter yellowon the petals, with a nice maroon-bronze fall color. Good resistance to powdery mildew.
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Azalea dec. 'Lights Lilac'™ (pink purple)
Improved form of Orchid Lights. Has a more dwarf habit and a deeper lilac bloom with darker purple specks that are resistant to fading. Deciduous foliage turns yellow in fall.
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Azalea dec. 'Lights Mandarin' (orange) ~NET~
Early spring bloomer with bright mandarin orange flowers before leaves emerge. Fall color is an attractive bronze.
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Azalea dec. 'Lights Orchid' (lavender) ~NET~
HABIT: Compact/mounding --SIZE: Grows to 3 ft tall, 3-4 ft wide. --HARDINESS: Hardy to -40 degrees F* (USDA ZONE 3) --EXPOSURE: Sun to partial shade. Well drained soil. --DESCRIPTION: Lilac-pink flowers are 1.5" across. Orchid Lights is more compact than others in the Lights series and boasts extreme hardiness.
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Azalea dec. 'Lights Rosy' (pink) ~NET~
HABIT: Compact/Round/Mounding --SIZE: Grows to 4 to 6 ft. tall and wide. Moderate grower --HARDINESS: Hardy to -40 degrees F* (USDA ZONE 3) --EXPOSURE: Sun to partial shade. Well drained soil. --DESCRIPTION: Captivating extra fragrant, dark pink flowers with rose red contrasts. Blooms late spring
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Azalea dec. 'Lights Spicy' (salmon) ~NET~
The flower has a salmon color with a slight fragrance. Flower bud hardiness is rated at -35 degrees F. Plant height is about six feet and spread is about eight feet.
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Azalea dec. 'Lights Western' ~NET~
A form of ‘Orchid Lights’, this cultivar boasts thicker, more lush foliage with slightly glaucous coloring and larger clear pink flowers. Hardiness is -30oF. A beauty even where hardiness isn’t needed. 12-18"
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