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Fruit Trees

Fruit, Pear, MULTI 'Comice/FlemBeauty/Anj/RedBart/Bartlett'
Enjoy more varities and extend your harvest all on one tree without the need of a pollinizer. Perfect for smaller gardens. Must prune to maintain growth of different varities.
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Fruit, Pear, MULTI 'Red Bartlett, Rescue, Bartlett' , Espalier
Multiple varieties grafted on to a multi-tier espalier with no need for a pollinizer. Excellent up against a fence, wall or anywhere in the smaller garden.
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Fruit, Persimmon 'Fuyu'
Medium to round, flattened, glossy, orangish-red fruit. Crunchy and sweet, mild non astringent flesh. Can be peeled and eaten fresh like an apple. Yellow to red fall color and showy bark in winter. Fruit ripens in late October.
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Fruit, Plum 'Beauty'
Santa Rosa type Japanese plum. Widely adapted. Medium sized, reddish purple fruit. Amber flesh streaked with red. Excellent flavor. Does not keep well. Self fruitful. Ripens from June.
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Fruit, Plum 'Hollywood' (Semi-Dwarf)
Bears large reddish purple plums that ripen in mid-August. Plums are delicious fresh eating, freestone when fully ripe. Excellent for Western Washington. Apparently does not require cross-pollination. Japanese type.
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Fruit, Plum 'Howard's Miracle' (Semi Dwarf)
Medium large, yellow fruit with red blush at maturity. Flesh is yellow, firm and juicy with a somewhat tart, pineapple flavor. Low chilling requirement. Ripens early July to mid-August. (Mid late season/needs pollinizer).
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Fruit, Plum 'Santa Rosa' (Semi Dwarf)
A large, attractive, dark reddish purple plum with red flesh. The fruit is firm and of good quality. One of the most frequently planted Japanese plums. Considered self-fruitful, and a good pollinizer, fruit buds are susceptible to winter injury in northern climates. Zone 5-9
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Fruit, Plum 'Stanley' (Semi Dwarf)
A New York State Experiment Station introduction and leading cultivar in the Great Lakes region. A fine prune-type plum with excellent quality, suited for both home use or processing. Fruit is large in size, with a dark blue skin. Flesh is greenish-yellow, juicy, and fine grained. Ripening in mid-season, the tree is early bearing and a good pollinizer for other European varieties.
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Fruit, Plum 'Yellow Egg' (Semi-Dwarf)
Yellow fruit usually used for cooking. Sweet taste if allowed to fully ripen on tree. Zone 5-8
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Fruit, Prune Plum 'Green Gage' (Semi Dwarf)
Mid season. The small to medium sized fruit are green, or in some variants, greenish yellow. The flesh is a transluscent greenish yellow, and the taste is pure nectar. It is one of the most refined and exquisitely flavored plums there is.Unfortuneately, like most gages, most variants have a fairly high winter chilling requirement, and fruit poorly if at all in warm temperate areas. Self fertile, although some strains benefit from a pollenizer. Use Coe's Golden Drop or Angelina Burdett.
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Fruit, Prune Plum 'Italian'
Fruit is medium to large with dark purple skin and greenish-yellow flesh which turns red when cooked. Excellent fresh, canned or dried. Ripens August. (Late/self-fertile).
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Fruit, Prune Plum, MULTI 'Satsuma-SantaRosa-Shiro-Italian'
Enjoy more varities and extend your harvest all on one tree without the need of a pollinizer. Perfect for smaller gardens. Must prune to maintain growth of different varities.
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Fruit, Walnut 'Carpathian'
Produces a thin shelled nut that is very easy to crack. Excellent for eating or baking. Reaches a height of 30-45' and often begins producing nuts within 6 years.
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Fruit, Walnut 'Cascade'
Large nuts with up to 56% percent kernel, and is rated #1 by the North American Nut Grower's Association.
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Fruit, Walnut 'Manregion' (Semi Dwarf)
Nuts are large with a soft shell that cracks easily. Delicious flavor. Fast growing tree. Hardiest variety. Partially self-fruitful. Ht-60'
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