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Berry, Currant 'Cherry Red'
This compact currant has short clusters of tart yet sweet red berries in summer. Self fertile. Great for jams or jellies.
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Berry, Currant 'Consort Black'
Heavy bearing deciduous shrub. Long clusters of black berries ripen in June or July. Good for jams, jellies, preserves, juice, and wines. Self fruitful.
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Berry, Currant 'Crandall Black'
Clusters of large black currants with sweet tart flavor that is excellent for jams, juice, and syrup. Currants have five times the vitamin C of oranges. Bush is upright, dark green leaves, very productive. Ripens in mid July.
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Berry, Currant 'Primus White'
Compact bush with long clusters of sweet white fruit in summer. Sweetest of all white currants. Highly productive and self fertile. Great for fresh eating.
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Berry, Currant 'Red'
Northern red currant produces bright red berries without the hairs that some currants have. The plant is also characterized by small, purplish flowers and heart-shaped leaves. It is a low, spreading shrub that grows primarily in forests. Ripens in summer.
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Berry, Currant 'Red Lake'
Large, dark red berries on medium to large clusters ripen in he summer. Excellent for jellies, preserves, and muffins. Self-fertile.
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Berry, Currant 'White Imperial'
Produces clusters of white, translucent fruit with a pink blush. Considered to have the sweetest and richest flavor of all currants. Early ripening in mid-spring or early summer. Self-fertile.
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Berry, Elderberry 'Allesso' ~NET~
Dark green foliage with clusters of creamy white flowers. Abundant large tasty and nutritious fruit in fall. Adds oranmental value as well as an edible in the landscape. Plant another variety to increase fruit production.
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Berry, Goji' 'Dynamite' ~NET~
Thornless, easy-to-grow shrub that produces gorgeous, brilliant-red berries famous for being vitamin and antioxidant-rich. Plant this shrub in any well-draining soil for fruit in the summer months. Self-polinating.
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Berry, Goji 'Firecracker' ~NET~
Thornless, easy-to-grow shrub with rich, purple blooms in late spring followed by brilliant-red berries that are antioxidant-rich. Self-polinating.
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Berry, Gooseberry 'Captivator'
Large teardrop shaped fruit. The plant is semi thornless, turning yellow in the fall. This is a sweet berry, colored pink to red when fully ripe. Ripens in late July. Mildew resistant and very cold hardy.
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Berry, Gooseberry 'Oregon Champion'
Medium to large, yellowish green berries. Flavor will sweeten as it ripens and is excellent for pies, jams, canning, and wine. Productive, vigorous plant will start bearing fruit the second year.
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Berry, Gooseberry 'Pixwell'
Large, oval, light green berries turns rosy pink when ripe. Soft, juicy, and high in sugar. Upright, grower with dark green leaves that turn purple in fall. Good for jellies, canning, and pies.
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Berry, Haskap 'Berry Blue' ~NET~
A cold hardy fruit, known commonly honeyberries or Haskap, produces a berry that is a cross between a blueberry and grape. Easy-to-grow shrub produces white blooms in the spring, followed by uniquely shaped fruit ripening early (mid-summer). Best polinizer for 'Borealis'.
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Berry, Haskap 'Borealis' ~NET~
The super sweet flavor compares to a cross between blueberries and raspberries. Uniquely shaped fruit ripens early (mid-summer). It has excellent health benefits – very high in antioxidants. Bears fruit in 1-2 years. Requires a pollinizer for best fruit production.
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Berry, Jostaberry
The jostaberry favors its black currant parent. It is an upright, thornless shrub. The flowers are pretty, but inconspicuous. Usually yields about 12 lbs of fruit, ripening in late June or July.
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Berry, Marionberry
Medium to larger sweet-tart berries are cone shaped and high in vitamins, antioxidants, and is a good source of fiber. Prized fruit in the Pacific Northwest — favored in pies, jams, jellies, and syrups. Plant has a trailing growth habit. Descendent of native blackberries, raspberries, and loganberries.
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Berry, Raspberry 'Anne Yellow'
This large, sunshine-colored fruit has a unique, sweet flavor with hints of apricot. Used in jams, baking and cooking, and freezes well. Ripens late August through October. Self-pollinating.
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Berry, Raspberry 'Caroline'
Produces some of the largest berries of all fall-bearing types. Sweet, firm red raspberries. Tolerant to root rot and has a high resistance to gray mold. Self-pollinating.
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Berry, Raspberry 'Chilcotin'
Very large, red berry. Spring-bearing, long harvest season. produces a heavy crop of large, sweet, red berries in early summer on moderately prickly canes. The fruits are produced mid-season and maintain a bright red color.
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