FREIGHT/MINIMUMS | We coordinate freight through common carrier freight companies for customers outside our local area. Changes will depend on current freight rates and sizes of load. Minimum order is $2500 with a $300 minimum freight. Please place order well ahead to allow time for making arrangements. Our responsibility for the plants will cease when they leave our nursery. You are also welcome to arrange your own freight. Please call our freight department at 503-982-6300 to arrange shipping.


Plants Plus Freight Customer Delivery Rates:

WA West of the Cascades 12% of Order, WA East of the Cascades and Northern Idaho 17% of Order, Southern Idaho 18% of Order *Ferry and toll bridge fees may apply. Plant Plus Trucking Company Customers: *No minimums required on trucks. Orders must be placed by the Thursday prior to the week requesting shipment. *Terms subject to change


CLAIMS/WARRANTY | Loen Nursery, Inc. Guarantees ALL stock to be in good condition when shipped. All claims must be made within 5 days of delivery or acceptance of material. Claims are to be given in writing on the signed pack slip and directed to the Loen Nursery sales person on said slip. Our guarantee is the same as all others in the wholesale nursery trade. We do not guarantee plants to live after accepted in good condition. Please inspect your plants upon receiving. We will at no time be responsible for more than the purchase price. ALL special plants specification shall be received in writing prior to shipment of order.


B&B listed sale price does not include fee for potting

  • Order Minimum per sizes:
  • #1= minimum of 10
  • #2, #3, #5, #6 #7 = minimum of 5
  • #10 or larger = minimum of 1



  • Certificate of Quarantine Compliance: Grape Plants (Vitis spp)
  • Certificate of Quarantine Compliance: Prunus spp
  •  Certificate of Quarantine Compliance: Prunus laurocerasus #1 only - larger sizes available by others
  • European Pine Shoot Moth
  • Oak Wilt Free Certification